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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5119
In subject of: Avonna Averted?-- Proclamations from the Palace (Edited by A Player)
Date : Thu Apr 21 22:07:21 2011
Expires : Tue Jan 14 22:07:59 2014
To : all
On this day the 8th of Februarius in the year 350, just days after the
death of Queen Charmaine the Fair, with the succession still in question
due to the yet-unborn heir and concerns surrounding her Majesty's last will
and testament, announcements trickled forth from the palace--

That Cityguard Headquarters issued a warrant for the arrest of Kaemgen
Beauparlant, citing treason, to wit: conspiring with the Brotherhood to
assassinate the regent, marshaling his forces against the Realm, and
committing seditious acts to subvert the Queen's wishes for the royal
succession of our next sovereign monarch;

That Kaemgen Beauparlant shall be stripped of all lands, titles, honors,
and dignities formerly accorded him, on account of such treason;

And that Avonna's people, specifically the esteemed Commander Razok of its
armies, are viewed innocent of any crimes perpetuated by their former
master and lord.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 97
In subject of: Vandagan Messenger Delegation
Date : Sat Apr 23 00:00:06 2011
Expires : Thu Jan 16 00:00:23 2014
To : all
In the dead of night on Februarius 12th, a mounted messenger delegation
arrives at the palace from Vandago, their horses driven near to exhaustion.
They make no attempt to hide either their arrival or their message, and
word has soon spread across the palace and into the city on the tongues of
bewildered servants: Prince Enakai is dead.

The Vandagans report that with the word of his royal mother's death, the
disfavored princeling made his move. Gathering supporters garnered in the
time since his arrival in Vandago, he mounts a rebellion, attempting to
seize the Vandagan palace itself and to capture his wife and the unborn
monarch. With staunch Vandagan bravery, the traitor is slain and his
rebellion put to rest.

They report also that Ianka ab Harmon, in the last months of her pregnancy,
is now on her way to Lithmore. Due to her fragile condition, she will be
moving slowly, and will be accompanied by an honor guard to protect the
safety of the king or queen she carries.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3525
In subject of: The Cardinal and Earl Marshall's statement
Date : Sun Apr 24 14:45:33 2011
Expires : Fri Jan 17 14:45:42 2014
To : all
Crowds gathered over the steps of St. Aelwynn's Cathedral on the morn
of Arendas, Februarius 19, as two prominent figures addressed the people
from the top of the steps. His Holiness, Cardinal Vincent ab Lavorre and
the Earl Marshall, Dame Caria ab Trenica stood together as one, announcing
the decisions made by the Knights Lithmorran and the Holy Order of Dav in
the wake of Her Majesty's demise.

The Cardinal spoke first, a brief statement, his deep baritone echoing
across the halls:

"With the power vested in me by the High Synod, acting Patriarch of the
Church, I declare that the Holy Order of Dav will be taking a stance of
no-interference with political matters. The Order will not take the side
of one noble against another, nor will it work to sway the votes of any of
the Councils in any way - for the Order is no one's tool save the Lord of
the Springs'. The only exception to this shall be if there is blatant
demonstration of negligence or disrespect towards the Holy Order of Dav, or
towards Her late Majesty, the last Matriarch of the Holy Order.

The Merchants have informed me that they have begun on the workmanship
required for the memorial service and burial of Her Majesty, according to
the specifications mentioned in Her Majesty's last will and testament.
These may take a while to complete, but the service is estimated to be held
within the month."

The Earl Marshall then addressed the crowd:

"My fellow countrymen, Lithmorrans and those that have joined us since the
Consolidation... Our monarch is dead and we will have 16 years of rule
under a Council before a monarch graces us once more as a lawful King or
Queen. I understand that this can be a frightening time and there are many
that are afraid of what a Regency means. Some fear it will be the
beginning of the end for the Kingdom. I tell you all this... -you- will
be the end of our Kingdom, those that espouse fear, those that attempt to
undermine this council, and those that are willing to fight to the death to
ensure her Majesty's wishes."

"Her Majesty is gone. Many feel we should honor her will to place her
grandchild on the throne. I respect this decision for the desire to show
loyalty to the Queen. But I have been pressured by both familial,
friendship, and camadrie ties to honor it. It does not however mean I
believe it was the correct one. I would have counseled her Majesty against
placing a minor heir on the throne, but the Lord of the Springs took her
from us before I could do so. So we are left with this course."

"Civil war will soon follow... I know war's smell better than any man or
woman alive and I know there are some amongst us whom will not be satisfied
till an of-age ab Harmon sits the throne once more. I tell you all...
Wether or not that will be the outcome... I will not be apart of it for
good or ill. I will not countenance the Knights Lithmorran shedding
Lithmorran blood in service to the realm. The Kings and Queens of Lithmore
would be appalled at such. I feel it is an affront to Her Majesty and
everything she has worked for. And I am personally disgusted at the

"I pray that I am wrong and I will not see everything her Majesty worked
for bleed away as the blood of her subjects would bleed away on the
battlefield. There are still ways of preventing a civil war, but all of
them are out of my hands... The only thing I will do is protect the
Capitol from depredation. No looting or destruction of this city will be
tolerated and the Knights Lithmorran will defend it to the last man if need
be. Respect that and you will not find yourself at the end of my blade,
Nobles of Lithmore. What happens now is entirely up to you."

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 200
In subject of: Chaos in Vavard
Date : Mon Apr 25 01:09:59 2011
Expires : Sat Jan 18 01:10:07 2014
To : all
In the wake of recent bloody events in Lithmore, Farin and Vandago, word
of the death of Lorenzo dul Acris, the beloved Duke of Vavard is quickly
filtering into Lithmore. They say it was to the surprise of many a
courtier as well as his daughter (the presumed heir), that the Duchy was
willed to the late Duke's brother and closest advisor, Count-by-Marriage
Auberon dul Vericus.

After a brief and bloody uprising in the streets of Vavard City, wherein
the nobility and merchant princes fought and settled old scores, those that
rallied around the new Duke proved to be victorious. It came as little
surprise that almost immediately after his coronation, the new Duke's niece
was executed for the grave crimes of treason and patricide.

What this means for the future of Vavard remains to be seen. But one thing
is certain, with stability restored in the Ducal capital, several fast
galleys have pushed out into the Kirulean and are making directly for the
Lithmorran port at Eastgale.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3030
In subject of: The Passing of Anastaci von Dusarius
Date : Tue Apr 26 23:49:15 2011
Expires : Sun Jan 19 23:49:35 2014
To : all
Word travels from Cityguard Headquarters that Anastaci von Dusarius,
daughter of Alucarde von Dusarius and heir to the Duchy of Vandago was
found dead by the Reeves, during their investigation into the death of Her
Royal Majesty, the Queen of Lithmore.

The details of Her Ladyship's death remain unreleased, but the Lord
Justiciar confirmed that she was found within the Palace grounds. Word has
been sent to the Duke of Vandago to apprise him of his daughter's death,
and the Justiciar himself has been asked to represent Vandago in the
Regency Council in the interim.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3006
In subject of: The Regency Council Indicts Kaemgen ab Beauparlant
Date : Wed Apr 27 00:51:18 2011
Expires : Mon Jan 20 00:51:30 2014
To : all
The Royal Palace was alive today with whispers and rumors, as the
entirety of the Regency Council made their way into the Council Chambers at
one point or another. Notably, however, the Council never met in full.

Mere minutes after Her Grace, the Duchess of Farin and Her Ladyship, the
Heir to the Duchy of Tubor adjourned their meeting with the Lord Keeper,
the Lord Justiciar led the Keeper and the recently arrived Duke of Vandago
back into the chambers, accompanied by the Dame Earl Marshall. After a
long silence, they emerged, their faces somber.

On behalf of the Regency Council, the Lord Justiciar announced the
following via proclamation.

Be it known to all citizens of the Kingdom of Lithmore that the Regency
Council has sat, the representatives of Vandago and Vavard along with the
Keeper of the Seal, and it has been voted unanimous by those parties that
Kaemgen ab Beauparlant shall be summoned to stand trial before a jury of
the Peerage.

This Measure is not a decree of guilt. Rather, it means that the Council
is convinced that there is enough evidence to proceed to the next stage of
the legal process, so that Kaemgen can be either cleared of the crimes he
is accused of, or stand in judgement for them. To do otherwise would be to
do both he and the Kingdom a disservice, as rumors of his guilt or
innocence continue.

May Dav guide the Scales of Justice as his fate is weighed.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 5007
In subject of: Meeting Scheduled at the Palace
Date : Wed Apr 27 05:04:45 2011
Expires : Mon Jan 20 05:05:33 2014
To : all
/ / \
( ( ) )
|\___________________________________________________\/ /
| |
| |
| Maritus 12, 350 |
| At the Court Malenta of the Royal Palace |
| |
| A conclave of the nobility is to be held to |
| address concerns in the matter of the will of Her |
| Royal Majesty, the late Queen Charmaine ab Harmon. |
| The will will be read and questions of the |
| succession or inheritances can be addressed. |
| The Lord Justiciar will address the legality issues. |
| All interested parties of standing within the |
| city are welcome and encouraged to attend. |
| |
| Questions of logistics may be addressed to |
| Chancellor Marisa dul Damassande, but questions |
| on the topic at hand should wait until the |
| conclave. |
| |
| ____________________________________________________ |
|/ /\ \
( ( ) )
<<OOC: Friday 04/29 11 PM System, 7 PM EST>>

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3525
In subject of: The Cardinal speaks - Magery, undead, resignations, and funerals
Date : Sat May 7 12:17:45 2011
Expires : Thu Jan 30 12:18:06 2014
To : all
On the morning of Votumas, Aprilis 11, the Cardinal of Lithmore gave a
brief speech on the steps of St. Aelwynn's Cathedral, to the small crowd
gathered there:

"Citizens of Lithmore,

"I regret to inform all of you that reports of the vile work of tainted
ones have reached the Church in alarming numbers recently. The first being
the matter of the sheet of ice placed east of Church Square; if anyone has
information regarding who might have been responsible for it, or who saw it
placed, kindly come to the Church with it, and you will be rewarded
handsomely. Also, a moving, speaking shadow has been sighted in multiple
areas of the city; all good Davites are exhorted to -not- speak with this
shadow, or otherwise interact with it in any way.

"There have also been reports of risen undead in Sartez, foul corpses
brought to life by the workings of magic, which attack on sight. All
citizens are exhorted to not venture forth to Sartez unless absolutely
necessary, and even then not without sufficient protection, until Sartez
has been thoroughly cleansed by the Knights. By the Lord of the Springs'
grace, none of these vile beings have been found in Lithmore as of yet.

"In other matters, the Grand Inquisitor Marsilio Ficino has informed me
that he wishes to return to Vavard, that he may continue to serve the Lord
of the Springs there. He has received my blessings for this, and the Synod
will convene to elect a new Grand Inquisitor shortly.

"The merchants have also informed me that the workmanship for Her Majesty's
funeral is now complete. The procession and funeral will be held on
(insert IC date) in St. Aelwynn's Cathedral, and all followers of Dav are
welcome to attend, be they servant, freeman or nobility. (OOC: date
unconfirmed as of yet due to my crappy RL stuff)"

With that said, the Cardinal blessed the crowd and returned to his office,
lines of weariness visible on his face to those who might notice.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 69
In subject of: A New King is Born
Date : Sun May 8 06:18:09 2011
Expires : Fri Jan 31 06:18:32 2014
To : all
Several pigeons filter in from the northeast, bearing news that is soon
spread throughout the city: The King is Born! Ianka ab Harmon, widow of
the late Prince Enakai, gave birth to a son on Aprilis 13th 350 in a small
town in Amhurst. Reports state that Ianka has named the little infant king
Jaren ab Harmon after the Vandagan Archduke who was Dav's right hand.
Expectations seem to indicate that the new king's party will continue
towards Lithmore once again after a few days of recovery.

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A note has been posted by: Moldana
From room : 1350
In subject of: The Last Spring Ball
Date : Thu May 12 00:51:44 2011
Expires : Tue Feb 4 00:52:05 2014
To : all
*At noticeboards across the city a grand looking notice has been pinned
up, written in a flowing, fanciful, script*

As the Summer looms and the Spring fades, Baroness Moldana von Vulpes
cordially invites you to join her in toasting and celebrating new
beginnings, and to welcome in the glorious Summer months ahead!

Highly acclaimed in Dussolini for her lavish parties and excellent taste,
the Lady von Vulpes promises an evening of fine Vavardi cuisine, a rich
ambience of the Spring, and her favourite hand-picked performers from
Lithmore's very own Hollow Globe theatre.

All of the Nobility and those of the Gentry are welcome to attend, with a
case of finest wine from the Baronesses own vineyards for the best dressed

*The time and date is supplied at the bottom above the insignia of House

(OOC: To be held at 8pm CST on Thursday the 12th of May 2011 - sorry for
the short notice!)

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A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 3006
In subject of:
Date : Sat May 21 06:37:10 2011
Expires : Wed Feb 12 23:37:11 2014
To : A proclamation is delivered from Cityguard Headquarters, signed by the Justiciar, Tobin ab Samael. The curt dispatch reads:
A proclamation is delivered from Cityguard Headquarters, signed by the Justiciar, Tobin ab Samael. The curt dispatch reads:

Be it known to all citizens of Lithmore, that the charges against Marquis Kaemgen ab Beauparlant have been dropped. The Regency Council has made its judgment in the matter, and the decision of this wise and honorable body bears the utmost weight.

Any further questions can be directed to the office of the Justiciar.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
From room : 3006
In subject of: The Lithmorran Census
Date : Sat May 21 17:34:50 2011
Expires : Thu Feb 13 10:35:02 2014
To : all
With the shadow of the Daravi war still looming, the Queen's Guard has
begun taking a Census across the Kingdom of Lithmore. Every free citizen
of the Kingdom is required to present themselves to a member of the Reeves,
providing their vital information for the records of the Kingdom. The
Census takers are asking for a wide array of information, including
querying citizens about any trade skills or combat training that they might
have had.

Those citizens who do not have a certificate confirming their entry into
the Census by Septembris 1 may be subject to fine or other penalties.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3515
In subject of: Undead sighted in the city!
Date : Sat May 21 23:49:22 2011
Expires : Thu Feb 13 16:49:39 2014
To : all
An urgent message was issued forth from the office of the Cardinal,
proclaimed in every corner of the city by the town criers:

'Citizens of Lithmore,

The Church has received multiple reports of undead sightings in the city,
presumably stemming from the infestation in Sartez. The Knights Lithmorran
will be conducting regular patrols to Sartez to rid it of the undead, and
the Church is hereby imposing a curfew on the people of Lithmore: Noone
save the Knights, Orderites and Reeves are to venture into Sartez for any
reason whatsoever, until the infestation has been fully cleansed. In
addition to this, citizens are required to burn -all- corpses of undead or
animals; failure to do so will be dealt with severely.

May the Lord of the Springs protect us all.'

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3515
In subject of: A new priest at the cathedral!
Date : Tue May 24 12:05:25 2011
Expires : Sun Feb 16 05:05:37 2014
To : all
Word of mouth is quickly spreading the good news:

The Holy Order of Dav welcomes the recent arrival of Mother Zinadya
Tartaryn, late the sheppard of the Lords flock in Brayston March, who will
be continuing in her duties of the priesthood at the great cathedral.
Mother Tartaryn will be giving masses there and is available for spiritual
guidance, blessings, and performing the confessions of freeman. All should
feel welcome in contacting her.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3515
In subject of: Dejaia Sorus: A cleansing
Date : Thu May 26 15:03:44 2011
Expires : Tue Feb 18 08:03:53 2014
To : all
On Eldes, June 24, the pyres were lit to cleanse one Dejaia Sorus, she
who had been branded previously by the Grand Inquisitor Marsilio Ficino.
His Holiness, the Cardinal himself conducted the cleansing, informing the
crowds that while Dejaia was of the taint and also guilty of misuse of
mugwort to kill an innocent child, she had been wise in confessing her sins
to him and would soon be with the Lord. When the body of Dejaia was set
aflame, the place grew terribly cold, and a pillar of flame burst into the

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 96
In subject of: Sappir Donovan, a cleansing.
Date : Sat May 28 00:19:09 2011
Expires : Wed Feb 19 17:19:38 2014
To : all
At the hour of prime, a man was brought to the pyre, oddly enthusiastic
and joyful in the face of his apparent burning. As the crowd gathered,
Cardinal ab Lavorre declared him to be the vile mage by the name of Sappir
Donovan, a mage whom had been plaguing the Grand Magnante, and had done
horrible things to her still unborn child.

With a quick prayer and a plea for a blessing of his hardened heart and
unabsolved sins, he was set ablaze, and died laughing hysterically as the
flames turned him to ashes.

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3525
In subject of: A cleansing: Baroness Moldana von Vulpes
Date : Mon May 30 17:38:43 2011
Expires : Sat Feb 22 10:38:51 2014
To : all
Late in the evening of Quintilis 11, an unexpected person was put to the
pyre: Baroness Moldana von Vulpes.

In front of a small crowd consisting largely of Knights and Reeves,
Cardinal ab Lavorre made the surprising revelation that the Baroness had
been caught with a letter from the Rubeus in her purse, and had admitted to
being a member of the Manus Organization, but that she had also been
forthcoming with the Order about the coven.

Out of respect for her station, and the fact she was reportedly very
cooperative, the Baroness was set aflame fully clothed, and un-gagged,
proclaiming she was innocent and not a witch until the very end.

"Let this be a lesson to all. Mage or not, highborn or freemen, there can
be no penance for joining the vile coven of the Manus save for death at the
pyre," the Cardinal reportedly told the crowd, just before the Baroness was
set aflame. "The Church will hear no excuse, no matter how
well-intentioned, for unsanctioned association with the Manus."

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 1351
In subject of: A Housewarming Celebration
Date : Tue May 31 00:52:11 2011
Expires : Sat Feb 22 17:52:17 2014
To : all
/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
/\ /\ \/ /\ \/ /\ \/ /\ \/ /\ \/ /\ \/ /\ \/
( )\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
( ) Marisa dul Damassande is pleased to
/\\/ invite the city of Lithmore to a
( ) housewarming celebration at her new
\//\ residence, the Palazzo Damassande,
( ) located north of Lithmore on Majestic
/\\/ Way. Refreshment, entertainment and
( ) merriment shall be in abundance at the
\//\ Pavilion at the Palazzo Damassande on
( ) Quintilis 28th 350.

<<OOC: Friday June 3rd at 9 PM EST, Saturday June 4th 1 AM System>>

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3507
In subject of: New bishop!
Date : Mon Jun 6 23:18:23 2011
Expires : Sat Mar 1 16:18:34 2014
To : all
Word of mouth is quickly spreading the good news:

The Holy Order of Dav is pleased to announce a new ordination of bishops.
Mother Zinadya Tartaryn, recently arrived from Brayston March, was amongst
those honored by Cardinal ab Lavorre. As Bishop of Lithmore, her Grace
will be overseeing the acolytes of the cathedral and continuing in her
duties at mass and confessions, where she now accepts nobles and freemen

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A note has been posted by: Player
From room : 3530
In subject of: Announcement: A new Grand Inquisitor
Date : Fri Jun 10 10:11:39 2011
Expires : Wed Mar 5 03:11:54 2014
To : all imm
The Holy Order of Dav has elected a new Grand Inquisitor and Archbishop
of Lithmore. His Holy Honour Aedgar ab Tolmarwyn, recently arrived from
his previous station in Farin, will be leading not only the Holy
Inquisition but overseeing administrative affairs within the Holy Order of

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A cleansing: Rikimaru Fendern
Date : Sat Jun 11 02:23:57 2011
To : all
In the late evening, a man was brought to the pyre, bound and gagged.
After a crowd of citizens had gathered to the summons, Grand Inquisitor ab
Tolmarwyn declared the man guilty of heresy and magecraft. With a short
prayer and a reminder of the purpose of cleansing, Rikimaru was set aflame
and died with an eerie, hummed note.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Word from Daravi
Date : Sun Jun 12 17:56:15 2011
Expires : Fri Mar 7 10:56:42 2014
To : all
Trouble in Daravi slept through the Winter and Spring, giving Lithmorran
forces the time to settle in. Edessa Keep is established as a central base
and fortification measures are put in place throughout Edessa's holdings.
Regular trade routes have started to take hold at the initiative of
ambitious traders and the encouragement of Edessa's marquis. In this time,
Daravi forces have seemed curiously absent, with villages found abandoned
by Lithmorran expeditionary forces. Those few Daravi encountered had been
horribly outnumbered and made no move against the Lithmorrans, despite
expressing obvious hostility towards them and spurning all attempts at

The Daravi silence changed as of mid-Summer, however. Despite a continued
lack of larger attacks, the Daravi message has been made clear: there is no
truce between Lithmore and Daravi. Harrying Daravi forces strike quickly
at smaller settlements and travelling caravans, gone again before
retaliatory forces can arrive. Only the most well-guarded trading
contingents go unmolested, hurting the burgeoning Lithmorran trade in
Edessa. A brave few continue unabated, but additional costs spent in
mercenary guardsmen are passed down to those purchasing the wares. The
state of the Daravi leadership remains shrouded in mystery: questioned
Daravi refer to a 'Sun' who sanctions their resistance, but will not, or
perhaps cannot, answer if it is Sultan Altarh, believed dead, his heir or

Given the difficulties of communication with Edessa and the danger to
message couriers there now, word of the troubles has been slow to arrive in
Lithmore, leaving most of Lithmore only just finding out.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: SUMMONS: Razok ab Rhius
Date : Tue Jun 14 11:59:22 2011
To : all
Word has been spreading in a flurry, throughout Lithmore and then to all
corners of the Duchies, by the behest of the Holy Order of Dav. On the
morning of Balasdes, Septembris 7, the Cardinal of Lithmore issued a
statement from the steps of St. Aelwynn's Cathedral, summoning one Razok
ab Rhius for Inquisition.

"Citizens of Lithmore,

Let it be known that Razok ab Rhius, who has reportedly abandoned his home
and vanished from the city as of several months ago, has been summoned by
the Holy Order of Dav to answer to allegations of committing vile acts of
magery. He will be given a month to turn himself in to the Knights
Lithmorran, for a Review of Faith by the Order to determine the truth or
falsity of the allegations. Failure to do so will be seen as implicit
admission of guilt to the sins he is suspected of, and he will thereby be
excommunicated by the Church, and a hefty reward given to those who aid the
Knights in his capture."

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Reeve activity increases, in the wake of Daravi raids
Date : Tue Jun 14 19:18:39 2011
Expires : Sun Mar 9 12:18:53 2014
To : all
In the wake of the news from Edessa, the Reeves Lithmorran have become
more evident throughout the Kingdom. The men and women of the Guard have
taken to the streets of their territories in force, providing a reassuring
presence in their cloaks of blue and silver. The southern holdings,
particularly those that are within striking distance of the Daravi
Sultanate and its Protectorates, have seen a distinct rise in Reeve
activity, as well as a press for new members of the Guard.

In Lithmore City, things are no different. The increased Reeve presence
has been accompanied by a recruiting push. A temporary 150 silver signing
bonus has been announced, as the Lithmore office looks towards the South
with concern.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A cleansing: Emmy Sherman
Date : Tue Jun 14 22:15:33 2011
To : all
In the last traces of daylight, a young woman was brought to the pyre
unconscious. After a crowd of citizens had gathered to the summons, Grand
Inquisitor ab Tolmarwyn declared the woman guilty of heresy and magecraft,
but noted her willingness to turn herself in and her earnestness to convert
to Dav's truth as factors leading to the mercy of her being cleansed while
unconscious. With a short prayer about the ever present danger of sin and
corruption, Emmy Sherman was set aflame and died soon thereafter.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: House dul Ansari responds
Date : Wed Jun 15 03:14:29 2011
To : all
A flurry of activity moves to and fro the palatial apartments of Lord
Cecil and Lady Cellan dul Ansari overnight following word of renewed
attacks by the Daravi in the south. Messengers deliver missives from
throughout the city and beyond, and are rapidly sent away again with sealed
letters and grim expressions; the March itself holds its breath for the
birth of Edessa's heir; House dul Ansari's generals in Lithmore have been
joined by that of House Chevalier and their allies to protect the
southernmost border of Lithmore.

Upon the morn of the second day, an announcement finally filters through
the court, proclaiming the appointment of sir Paere de Laerne, Templar of
the Knights Lithmorran and Knight Protector of Lady Edessa, as Commander
for Edessa and Mont Innes' joint forces in the south.

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A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: Death of the Infant King!
Date : Sun Jun 19 05:14:07 2011
Expires : Thu Mar 13 22:14:16 2014
To : all
On this day, Solisda Septembris 25th, 350 SC, His Majesty, King Jaren ab
Harmon, died suddenly of fever. The city, having just received the news,
is preparing for a time of mourning. Throughout the cathedrals, an hourly
mass is being spoken for the soul of the now deceased infant king. The
women of Lithmore are turning over the colorful clothing of the season to
don the black of sorrow. The late king is to be interred in full ceremony
beside his royal ab Harmon ancestors.

Uncertainty regarding the succession quickly resolved, put to rest as
Princess Gemara ab Harmon, the late Charmaine ab Harmon's eldest surviving
child, entered the court and exerted her legitimate claims to the throne.
In her company were ranking members of the Knights Lithmorran and several
of Lithmore's most powerful nobles, quelling any dissent. Immediate
demands for the oaths of fealty were met with bended knees and
chalice-crossed breasts. Only a few members of the nobility remain
outstanding, blessed by chance absence at court during the event.

(Players who would have been at the event and sworn fealty to Gemara ab
Harmon, or otherwise would have given their oaths at a later date, please
contact her OOCly to inform her.)

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Queen Gemara speaks!
Date : Sun Jun 19 06:41:45 2011
To : all
The new Queen- having had herself crowned by a bishop in her entourage-
was quick to address a gathered crowd of nobility, knights and other

"This day, I make the following announcements. Firstly, I wish to thank
the Regency for their aid in guiding the realm since the passing of my
mother. However, as an adult and Queen in my own right, I formally declare
the dissolution of the Regency Council. Secondly, I recognise the issue of
my age and lack of experience in the rule of Lithmore. On that point, I
hereby announce the appointment of Cellan dul Ansari- the Duchess of the
Brenlands- as Seneschal of Lithmore. She was high in my mother's counsel
and appointed as Keeper of the Seal prior to her passing. I will respect
my mother's wisdom in this."

After this, the new Queen called for a Grand hunt and bid the court
farewell to lead it.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Razok ab Rhius: Excommunication (Edited by A Player) (Edited by A Player)
Date : Fri Jun 24 04:39:25 2011
To : all
The ceremonies have been performed, the banns posted; and the Church has
publicly declared Razok ab Rhius an enemy of the Holy Order of Dav. The
Cardinal issued a message from the cathedral, stating,

"Razok ab Rhius has been given a chance to turn himself in to the Order for
a Review of Faith - and has discarded the chance. This will be hereby
taken as admission of guilt, to the allegations of magery, high heresy,
acting as Rubeus of the vile coven Manus, raising undead in Sartez to
plague our fair city, blinding the Knights stationed in the Cathedral, and
various other sins. To that end, he is hereby excommunicated from the

Crimes against his person will no longer be considered crimes in the eyes
of the Lord of the Springs, and his right to property has been revoked -
the Reeves have been requested to aid in the stripping of his assets and
title. Any citizens who associate with him in any way without sanction of
the Church, or are found to be hiding his whereabouts, will be found guilty
of heresy, according to the laws of Dav.

The Knights Lithmorran have been ordered to kill or capture on sight, and
anyone who directly assists them in his capture will receive hefty
compensation. In addition, aiding in the capture of such a vile mage as
this will be seen as sufficient atonement for most sins.

However, the Church also wishes to publicly declare that his brother,
Tharin ab Rhius, Vicar General of the Knights Lithmorran, has been found
innocent of any taint, and to be a loyal and dedicated Knight. As he is a
man of good standing with the Order, the Church does not wish his brother's
taint to sully his good name."

[ #10 ]
A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A response from Razok ab Rhius
Date : Sat Jun 25 19:24:44 2011
To : all
In the early morning of Octobris 21st, a small page boy shaken and
stirred with fear stood before the Church Square, his eyes wide and voice
shaken with fear. He read from a piece of paper to the gathered people and
various members of the Church. The words sprawled on the people seem to be
that of Razok ab Rhius.

"People of Lithmore, I write to you all this morning in regards to the
Cardinals recent declaration against me and my soul. Let me protest a
moment and begin with speaking honestly from my heart, yes, I am indeed a
mage. I was gifted by the Lord with gifts beyond that of a normal man, and
I hold no remorse in this."

"As for his claims against the many crimes he has stated, he lies. I am
not the result of the undead rising from Sartez, and I led a group from our
coven to assist in cleansing the city. I have done nothing but keep to
myself since being accused of imagery, and have been kind to let him
continue to spout his words and poison the ears of you all. As of today,
this ends."

"I will no longer sit back and allow this man to press myself and any other
mage into the corner, simply with the only crime of possessing gifts. I
hereby declare that the Cardinal himself meet with me in private to discuss
these matters ourselves. I will not have him hiding behind the Knights and
Reeves with his own words of taint and disgust. The longer he waits the
more harm I shall impose upon the city and its people. Their blood will
now be on his hands."

"I wish to apologize to those I know, and that know me. We may no longer
converse nor know each other. I am done with negotiations and finished
bargaining. I want nothing now but the presence of the Cardinal before me,
I wish him to bring his power of Dav's words to me and strike me down with
them. Show me what the Lord offers those who pervert a religion to hate
that of mages."

"The time is moving and I have already begun the pendulum. We now engage
in chess, the next move lies in the hands of the Cardinal."

As the last word escapes the boys mouth, a group of orderlies quickly
seized the paper and rush into the confines of the cathedral. However the
words have already been spoken and the people have already heard.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: An Heir is Born to Edessa; a Surprise Arrives
Date : Sun Jun 26 06:02:26 2011
To : all
On the twenty-second of Octobris in the year 350, word disseminated from
the palace that all meetings with the Senescal were to be cancelled when,
early that morning, the lady in question went into an early labour. By the
setting of the sun that day, the Duchess was delivered of a healthy baby
boy, initiating celebrations in both Edessa and the mother's home county of
Mont Innes.

A scant few minutes later, a surprise came in the form of a twin, a baby

A further report states that Lord and Lady dul Ansari have named their
first child and heir Amir dul Ansari, with his younger sister named
Alessandra dul Ansari.

All meetings with the Lady Seneschal, but for those with the highest
eschelons of parliament and clergy, were cancelled for that day and the
next in order to provide some small respite for recovery.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Cleansing of Razok ab Rhius (Edited by A Player)
Date : Wed Jun 29 11:17:33 2011
Expires : Mon Mar 24 04:17:55 2014
To : all
Details remain thin, and neither the Reeves nor the Knighthood have
released a public statement on the matter, but on Novembris 3, squarely at
noon, the heretic, mage, and excommunicate Razok ab Rhius was led into
River Square. Rumors of a successful raid on the Manus Tower, culminating
in the capture of the man who had been plaguing the City of Lithmore with
his vile magics and violent attacks. The Earl Marshall, Knight Templar
Paere de Laerne, Count ab Sevoi, and the Justiciar of the Reeves appeared
to be responsible for the successful capture.

His Holiness, the Cardinal of Lithmore then presided over the cleansing of
the man, speaking words of finality as the pyre purified a man who had
turned his back on the Church, Lithmore, and Dav himself. The corpse
remains, a grisly reminder that Good triumphed over evil, this day.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Ransom
Date : Fri Jul 8 22:38:32 2011
To : all
The following was found on the noticeboard in Church Square, and
subsequently torn down by the Town Crier to read.

"Reeves, Knights, Ladies, Lords, and Queens: Settara ab Valareaux is
currently in my custody. How do you free her, you might ask? The amount
of ten thousand silver must be dropped at the farm house to the northwest
of the West Gates in Lithmore. This amount can be in gold. Upon
retrieving this amount, I will free the girl and you will never hear from
the likes of me again."

The note was signed by a Mister Fox

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Knights Lithmorran and the Holy Chalice of Dav
Date : Sat Jul 23 05:57:19 2011
To : all
One cold winter morning the Lord Templar, Sir Paere de Laerne, came into
Church Square bearing the Holy Chalice of Dav, the artifact chalice that
was said to be drank from by King Dav himself. After much speculation,
admiration, and dubious looks the Lord Templar was called to the Palace to
have a meeting with the Queen and the Earl Marshall, Caria ab Trenica. The
Chalice was presented to Her Majesty, Gemara ab Harmon, who promises to
have such an ancient and historic object looked over by priests and
schoolars alike.

Paere de Laerne was risen to the rank of Royal Templar, and Commander of
the Royal Guard, in charge of defending Her Majesty and her Seneschal.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Mandatory Confessions spark Church Activity
Date : Tue Jul 26 15:27:23 2011
To : all
The clergy has been very active recently, with priests often seen
carrying large dossier files that they consult regularly. They have been
going out into the community and calling people in for mandatory
confessions. Most faithful that have been called in for confessions say
that the confessions and penances were all normal. However, they go on to
add that a great deal of extra attention is being paid to their attendance
at Mass, tithes, and knowledge of and respect for the faith.

All classes appear to be contacted, as clergy can often be seen calling in
nobles, gentry, and freeman alike for confession.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Knight, Cardinal, Husband, Father, He will be Remembered (Edited by A Player)
Date : Fri Jul 29 02:27:54 2011
To : all
Lord Cecil dul Ansari, in the month of Februaris, was killed.

The Marquis led a contingent of men to attack a raiding party sighted
nearby. However, the scouting information was not complete and a large
force of Daravi lay in wait for an ambush which struck the Lithmorran
forces hard. The Lithmorrans managed to retreat, but amidst the chaos,
Lord Cecil dul Ansari was captured.

He was burnt at the stake as mockery of Davite religion. His body is still
in the hands of the Sultanite.

He lived a full life, having started the son of a Merchant Prince of
Nimrock, and then, in his youth, a Knight of the Crown. He further
advanced his career by being ordained as an Inquisitor. He was greatly
adored by the people and the Church, and his mentor, Saint Jochen ab
Blackwell. When the Saint was killed, the Synod even granted Cecil the
rank of Cardinal. Joining the Farin forces to the south during the Battle
for Queen's Landing, he returned and retired as Cardinal, being granted the
title Marquis of Edessa by the late Queen Charmaine ab Harmon. Branded by
Aidan Samson, this was largely contested, as he remained Marquis of Edessa
and was even made Keeper of the Seal in the event of Her Majesty's death.

Her Majesty, Gemara ab Harmon, granted he and his wife the title of Duke
and Duchess of Bren, and lifted his wife to the rank of Royal Seneschal,
after the death of our infant King. In this role, Lord Cecil dul Ansari
served Her Majesty faithfully. And then, a few weeks before Yule, this
man, who went from a banker's son to the Cardinal of the Holy Order, went
to serve his kingdom on the war front.

He is survived by his wife, Cellan dul Ansari, and his two children, his
son, Amir dul Ansari, and his daughter, Alessandra.

He is also survived by his father, Lucius dul Montaigne, and his mother,
Melisandra dul Montaigne.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A Cleansing: The Heretic Baron
Date : Mon Aug 1 04:30:30 2011
To : all
In the midst of the pouring rain and frigid cold, the people of
Lithmore were again summoned to River Square on the evening of Arendas,
Maritus 15. The Cardinal of Lithmore himself presided over the burning of
one Bardane ab Whirothol, the Baron of Savir. Addressing the crowd, the
Cardinal proclaimed the Baron to be a heretic, a sinner who dared place
himself above the authority of the Church and Crown. Speaking with great
emotion, the Inquisitor Bradson then followed with a speech, urging the
crowd to remember that the Baron's heathen actions did not reflect the
people of Savir.

The heretic Baron was set alight after a brief prayer for the redemption of
his soul, with the Cardinal proclaiming him as a reminder to all of the
consequences of heresy, regardless of station.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A Cleansing: Maina Clearwater
Date : Mon Aug 1 08:25:32 2011
To : all
Shortly on the heels of the cleansing of the heretic Baron, the city was
summoned for yet another burning - that of the purported mage-child, Maina
Clearwater. On the afternoon of the following day, the girl was brought to
the pyre, draped in a long cloak and looking terribly ill and afraid.
Sorrow and disbelief was visible on the faces of many in the crowd; the
Cardinal himself, commonly stoic and impassive during most occasions,
displayed fresh grief as he conducted the ceremony.

Addressing the crowd, the Cardinal claimed Maina to be a wonderful child,
one who did not even know of her own taint until it had been awakened in
her by the Baron, resulting in the public display of her glowing eyes.
"Brave the flame, child, that your soul might emerge clean and bright on
the other side, to be with the Lord," he claimed, even as the girl
continued to sob, pleading her innocence. The hand that had undertaken
many a cleansing in his time shook uncharacteristically as it took the
torch to the pyre, and Maina Clearwater was taken by the flame amidst
hoarse screams.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Mr. Fox Strikes!
Date : Thu Aug 4 10:12:45 2011
To : all
In the eve of Maritus 27th, there was a sudden cry of terror as the
infamous man known only as Mr. Fox was seen murdering a hapless Apothecary
clerk and badly injuring Clovis Terania. Though Miss Terania still lives,
Bernard, her trusted clerk lies dead beneath the sword of a murderer. It
was however, not long after did there come loud noises exploding from
within the Town Hall Courier where Inquisitor Salim Bradson, reports to
have fought the notorious brigand personally, only for the man to escape
during the heat of battle.

The good Inquisitor has denounced the man as both a heretic, and a
murderer, and if seen should be brought immediately to either the Order or
the Reeves for his crimes. Should anyone have any information regarding
his location, or motives to this heinous act, to report them to either the
Inquisitor, His Holiness the Cardinal, or the Lord Justicar. If anyone is
found harboring this man, they will face the full wrath of the Inquisition.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Cardinal's response
Date : Fri Aug 12 18:52:47 2011
To : all
A statement was issued from the desk of the Cardinal this morning, read
by a neatly-dressed young acolyte on the steps of the Cathedral:

'His Holiness states that the Church is currently working closely with the
Knights to apprehend the vile mage Eldus ab Caine - in addition to that,
the Synod will convene to discuss the matter raised by the Bishop, of mages
obtaining their strength and knowledge through the books of the Library.
However, for the meantime, His Holiness wishes to assure all members of the
public that an indiscriminate purging of books is not imminent, nor are
there plans to dissolve the Scholars' Guild, unless further evidence should
be received of other members of the Scholars participating in the taint.

According to His Holiness, however, it is well within the rights of any
clergy to seek any evidence of taint that they can find, in order to ensure
that such grotesque sin is not allowed to proliferate in the kingdom of the
Holy King Dav. To that end, he has given the permission for Bishop Bovil's
actions of having the books of the Library examined, to continue, for if
there is blatant heresy or dissemination of tainted knowledge in any
literature, it must certainly be seized by the Order. He assures the
people that all books found to not contain blatant heresy and knowledge of
magery, will remain in the Library for public education.'

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A doctor absent
Date : Mon Aug 15 05:11:25 2011
To : all
The Royal Physician, Rekath le Candicid was found doubled-over at his
desk, flushed and unconcious by a concerned nurse. The hospital has
released publically that he still lives, but has taken to the illness that
has been afflicting him since his arrival in Lithmore, and now resides
within a semi-permanent section of the recovery ward. He has been
informally replaced by his daughter, Raya Candicid, as the head of the
hospital and sole caretaker of its assets.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Bishop's Speech at Church Square (Edited by A Player) (Edited by Azarial)
Date : Fri Aug 12 09:31:16 2011
To : all
The Bishop Bovil was heard giving a great speech at the Church square in
which he recounted the past few nights.

One defunct mind by the moniker of Eldus kidnapped Bishop Bovil through
some magical portal and held him hostage in a room used to summon demons.
He threatened to freeze the liquid in the Bishop's Eyes or torment his
sleep with nightmares. He demanded that two lives be sacrificed in his
honor and that the Bishop must renounce his faith in order to ever leave
the Tower.

The Bishop claimed, by the Divine Hand of Dav, he was able to escape the
Tower. The Lord guided the Bishop's staff directly where it needed to go
in order to render the puny demonic scholar incapacitated. And so it was
that the Lord of the Springs delivered one of his faithful from the hands
of the tainted, demon-summoning coven called the Manus.

Just this evening, the Bishop related, the ever-bumbling and ignorant Eldus
sent a messenger to the Bishop telling him to meet him at the Paarin Park
Pond, alone. The Bishop shook his head sadly and then related how he
enlisted the aid of Lord Templar Paere de Laerne and scared off the
would-be villain. No harm was done that evening. Just moments afterwards,
a messenger from the University Scholar's delivered a speech to the Bishop
from Eldus stating that all of Lithmore would be consumed by the demons
Eldus was going to summon and that the streets would run red with blood.

After finishing his retelling, he called for action from his peers. He
said he would be petitioning the Cardinal expressly to dissolve the
mage-harboring establishment of the Scholars forthwith and ensure a trained
Orderite constantly reviews the materials and lessons available to any
being educated at the University. Too long have Scholars been able to
practice their trade in the name of science. Too long have mages been
strengthened and sheltered by the hoards of books in the Library. Another
great purge of literature is needed in this day of rampant magery and
public displays of wicked finger-twitching witchcraft.

It is the Bishop's belief that all information recorded in books or
dispersed through lecture should pass through at least one Orderite to
ensure no taint or heresy is being spread beneath the nose of the Faith.
He went on to say that any of the scholars and professors who disagreed
should be investigated immediately for suspicion of disseminating heretical
doctrine and training mages. He rallied the fellow Orderites in attendance
at the tirade to march to the Library and begin combing the archives for
any hint of taint.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A New Grand Inquisitor! (Edited by Azarial)
Date : Wed Aug 17 18:47:20 2011
To : all
In the early morning of Maius 19th, in the year of our Lord 351;
Inquisitor Salim Bradson was brought before His Holiness, Cardinal Vincent
ab Lavorre and ordained as Lithmore's new Grand Inquisitor!

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Bitter End of Raidon Laret (Edited by Kinaed) (Edited by Kinaed)
Date : Mon Feb 28 21:11:40 2011
To : all
Twice-escaped mage Raidon Laret was burned last night to a curious
absence of pomp and circumstance at Lithmore's River Square by his Holiness
the Cardinal Cecil dul Montaigne.

Earlier in the day a great darkness enveloped Church Square, blotting out
the cathedral from view and rendering all denizens of Lithmore-- noble,
peasant, and mounted animals alike utterly confused: despite the grand
spires and minarets that stand testament to the power and glory of the Holy
Order, for several hours there all went dark.

Eventually the spell ended, whether banished by the stalwart priests of the
Order or having simply faded away; and gossip started to stir throughout
the city as to the cause of the blight. Raidon Laret, the witch blamed for
casting hexes and curses from afar upon a vast majority of Lithmore's
nobility, was strung up, half-ash, in River Square.

The bells of the cathedral never rang; the people were never called; but
despite it, the Order, upon the Cardinal's direction, published the
following information:

"Raidon Laret, more annoying than potent, was purified last night in
relative secrecy due to his ability to escape from the forces of
righteousness. We thank Lord Jei ab Sevoi, Count of Endridge and Defender
of the Faith, for capturing this madman; we also thank Mister Laret for
providing Us with a high note on the eve of hostilities with the

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Grand Gallop & Gala (Edited by Kinaed)
Date : Thu Aug 18 04:33:19 2011
To : all
Announcing: The Queen's Grand Gallop and Gala!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Her Majesty, Gemara ab Harmon is pleased to announce a forthcoming event
within Lithmore: The Grand Gallop and Gala! This competitive event will be
held in honor of our Charali subjects and holdings, and the forthcoming
Great Charali Horse Race!

All competitors are invited to gather in the Church Square, before the
Lithmorran town hall- and the field is open to all; resident and traveller,
noble and commoner, knight and troubadour. From the square, the race will
begin at the Queen's word, and move on to the city of Sartez, and then
returning to congregate back inside the town hall at the event ballroom.
The first person to return with a certain treasure from Sartez, will be
given the grand prize, with prizes also for the second and third to

For the purposes of this event only, a 1 gold subsidy will be offered to
all those purchasing a steed for this day. All entrants are advised to
visit the Exchequer in order to claim their refund.

Following this, all are invited- competitors or not- to join the Queen and
court for a celebratory feast and gala in the hall.

The winner will receive a personal audience with the Queen and a chest full
of coins and formal acknowledgement as the best horse and rider in
Lithmore. There will also be rewards for the other high placed riders, as
well as a commemorative gift for all that compete.

(OOC: 9PM EST, Saturday, August 20th)

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Update from Edessa
Date : Sat Aug 20 05:38:19 2011
Expires : Wed May 14 22:38:48 2014
To : all
In the months following the execution of Cecil dul Ansari, the Daravi in
Edessa have made it clear they have no intent to step back and simply allow
the Lithmorrans to occupy their lands. The attack in which he was captured
proved to be the first of many fierce battles with losses on each side.
Trade has been brought nearly to a standstill with travel across the
territory proving dangerous, but the Lithmorrans have thus far managed to
hold onto their fortified holdings.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Attempted Assassination!
Date : Tue Aug 23 15:59:16 2011
To : all
Word has finally drifted down from the palace that earlier in the day on
Lunisda, the 11th of June, the Baron and Squire Ryatt le Fontaine attempted
to assassinate the Queen's Seneschal Duchess Cellan dul Ansari, but failed
and was ultimately killed by the Seneschal's bodyguards. Later the Earl
Marshall was reported to have dragged the dead body of the Squire out into
the Palace courtyard where with the help of some of her Knights promptly
dismembered the body in the view of all present. The body arms and legs
were to be sent to the Duchies as is the custom and the head has been piked
at the gate to the palace.

No other word from either the Crown or the Knights on this event has been
made public as of yet.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The burning of Eldus ab Caine
Date : Wed Aug 24 14:16:50 2011
To : all
In the late evening on June 12th, 351, Eldus Caine, the notorious mage
who kidnapped our beloved Bishop Bovil was brought before the pyre and
purified for his sins against the Lord by His Holy Honor Grand Inquisitor
Salim Bradson. There was little to be said during the burning, as is usual
for His Holy Honor. Although the Grand Inquisitor had little to say, that
didn't stop ab Caine from denouncing the Church and calling all davites
cowards, though he was promptly burned before further blasphemy could be

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A Speech by the Bishop (Edited by A Player)
Date : Fri Aug 26 00:47:53 2011
To : all
The Bishop Bovil was heard giving another of his speeches at the
Entrance to the Cathedral.

People of Lithmore, I come to you with deep resentment and shame in abiding
in this city with the taint of the Urth. I am diminished in your fellow's
lack of moral fiber, to so cling to their sins and shortcomings. I have
asked for the Censorship of the Scholars and the Scholars themselves have
put up a fight, spreading falsehoods and lies about me behind my back.
They will answer to the Lord for the sins unless they choose to rectify the
egregious wrongs in their mortal form.

I have given this town a considerable amount of effort, seeing to the
religious needs of most people from all stations of life. I have treated
each individual with the same genial behavior regardless of class or caste.
In so doing, I have been wronged and shamed without just cause. Were I so
harmed by a mage or heretic, I would shed a tear and pray for the
forgiveness of those who have sinned against me. But instead those I seek
to help scorn me and for those I have always championed for. For those who
refuse the aid of my office and the aid of my peers, I scorn you. It is
the scorn I would offer to the Five Powerful Mages, themselves.

I give this town everything I can and in the end it is not enough. In the
end more is taken. Consider that, my fellows, when you next attend a mass.
The message of your town is one against the pious. The message of your
town begs for an iron-fisted rule. The message of your town leaves no room
for me. Should I die before a Review is completed, you will know I am with
the Lord in a celebrated spot and was free of taint my entire life. I am
but an old man who has given his entire life to an untrusting and misguided

His Holy Honor has forbidden me from leaving the Cathedral at the request
of Isobel, the scholar who so despises my attempts at censorship of the
heathenist literatures and the mage instruction pamphlets filling the
Library! I am now left a withered body with a bowl of gruel only to count
the days until I am with the Lord. Your Grand Inquisitor should not be
blamed, as he is only doing what the heathens have guided him to do. Ask
yourselves if this makes any sense.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Count Casterlay Found Dead
Date : Sun Aug 28 17:18:32 2011
Expires : Fri May 23 10:18:48 2014
To : all
With its count missing for weeks, official word has finally come from
bandit-ridden Casterlay: the bodies of Amdair ab Lassider and a small
company of his men have been found in the forests surrounding his home.
Each was stripped of valuables and left hanging in the trees. It is
believed that the bandits who the count was combatting are responsible.

Services will be held in Casterlay in upcoming days. As his marriage
produced no heirs and his wife has responsibilities first to Seahome, the
fate of Casterlay will fall to the decision of the Queen.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: A Speech by the Bishop (Edited by A Player)
Date : Fri Aug 26 00:47:53 2011
To : all
The Bishop Bovil was heard giving another of his speeches at the
Entrance to the Cathedral.

People of Lithmore, I come to you with deep resentment and shame in abiding
in this city with the taint of the Urth. I am diminished in your fellow's
lack of moral fiber, to so cling to their sins and shortcomings. I have
asked for the Censorship of the Scholars and the Scholars themselves have
put up a fight, spreading falsehoods and lies about me behind my back.
They will answer to the Lord for the sins unless they choose to rectify the
egregious wrongs in their mortal form.

I have given this town a considerable amount of effort, seeing to the
religious needs of most people from all stations of life. I have treated
each individual with the same genial behavior regardless of class or caste.
In so doing, I have been wronged and shamed without just cause. Were I so
harmed by a mage or heretic, I would shed a tear and pray for the
forgiveness of those who have sinned against me. But instead those I seek
to help scorn me and for those I have always championed for. For those who
refuse the aid of my office and the aid of my peers, I scorn you. It is
the scorn I would offer to the Five Powerful Mages, themselves.

I give this town everything I can and in the end it is not enough. In the
end more is taken. Consider that, my fellows, when you next attend a mass.
The message of your town is one against the pious. The message of your
town begs for an iron-fisted rule. The message of your town leaves no room
for me. Should I die before a Review is completed, you will know I am with
the Lord in a celebrated spot and was free of taint my entire life. I am
but an old man who has given his entire life to an untrusting and misguided

His Holy Honor has forbidden me from leaving the Cathedral at the request
of Isobel, the scholar who so despises my attempts at censorship of the
heathenist literatures and the mage instruction pamphlets filling the
Library! I am now left a withered body with a bowl of gruel only to count
the days until I am with the Lord. Your Grand Inquisitor should not be
blamed, as he is only doing what the heathens have guided him to do. Ask
yourselves if this makes any sense.

[ #2 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Count Casterlay Found Dead
Date : Sun Aug 28 17:18:32 2011
Expires : Fri May 23 10:18:48 2014
To : all
With its count missing for weeks, official word has finally come from
bandit-ridden Casterlay: the bodies of Amdair ab Lassider and a small
company of his men have been found in the forests surrounding his home.
Each was stripped of valuables and left hanging in the trees. It is
believed that the bandits who the count was combatting are responsible.

Services will be held in Casterlay in upcoming days. As his marriage
produced no heirs and his wife has responsibilities first to Seahome, the
fate of Casterlay will fall to the decision of the Queen.

[ #3 ]
A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Bishop no longer under watch!
Date : Tue Aug 30 01:51:56 2011
To : all
His Holy Honor, the Grand Inquisitor was seen in the Church Square
giving a very rare speech regarding the recent isolation of His Grace,
Bishop Bovil. His Holy Honor had this to say:

It pleases me greatly, that I stand here to announce that Bishop Bovil is
no longer under probation. He is free once more to spread the love of the
Lord throughout our beloved city, and he goes with my blessing. This has
been a tough time, for both the Order, and the Bishop himself, but it was
something that had to be done. I also, formally apologise to everyone
affected by this.

I must thank Sir deLaerne for stepping forward, with information that
secured the Bishop's innocence, and the sanctity of the Order itself. I
greatly urge those who had begun to doubt the Bishop, to step forward, and
confess their sins.. That is all.

[ #4 ]
A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Death of A Cardinal
Date : Wed Aug 31 00:57:23 2011
To : all
In early morning, on Solisda, Quintillis 10th, 351 it was reported that
His Holiness, the Cardinal Vincent de Lavorre had been found dead in the
Cathedral hallway. There was an immediate call to the Knights, to
investigate this, but it came up empty. It seemed, the Cardinal, himself
had an accident.

It was quite known that he had recently become recluse, remaining in his
office all times of the day. He would take his meals, sleep, and work what
seemed like non-stop. Though noone could have expected this, the Cardinal,
had taken quite a fall from the Belltower. Noone knows why he was up
there, and there was no evidence of foul play. Some whispers of suicide,
but most assume it was old age making the beloved Cardinal senile.

A vigil was immediately announced, and the bells were rung in mourning to
the passing of the beloved Cardinal. It is, however, undetermined when a
funeral will take place, and word is that the High Synod is still
struggling over this loss, trying hard to come to a conclusion as to who
will take the Cardinal post next..

His Holy Honor, Grand Inquisitor Bradson, however, has openly announced
that he will not be putting his name in for Cardinal for personal reasons.

It is a sad day for Lithmore, but she will endure, and her people will
continue to seek the guidance of the Holy Order.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Cardinal Named
Date : Thu Sep 1 22:58:09 2011
Expires : Tue May 27 15:58:16 2014
To : all
After several days of deliberation, the High Synod has announced their
decision in a Cardinal to follow the recently passed Vincent ab Lavorre.
Zinadya Tartaryn, a Bishop who has been serving within Lithmore, will be
taking up the mantle of Cardinal. Familiar with the state of affairs in
Lithmore and generally well-liked, the Synod explains that they believe
Tartaryn will make an admirable choice, despite the relatively lower rank
previously held.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: New Abbey in Willhelm
Date : Sun Sep 4 01:37:52 2011
To : all
Although construction problems have plagued it for years, the
construction on the new abbey in Willhelm is finally reaching completion.
Announcements are expected in the next few weeks on when its consecration
will be and who from the Church leadership will be assigned as its abbot.
The abbey covers a sprawling estate that was gifted to the church, and the
grounds house a farm and library in addition to the massive cathedral that
some speculate might outshine Lithmore's own. It's location on the
outskirts of Willhelm make it a convenient location for travel from the
palace for large religious events. Because of its proximity to the palace,
famed library, and the surprising choice the Synod just made in choosing
its newest Cardinal, speculation is running rampant as to who will be
assigned to lead the congregation there.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Banners of Lithmore
Date : Mon Sep 5 02:36:56 2011
To : all
There has been a recent flurry of activity around the towns and villages
of the royal demesne, as professional soldiers within the Queen's employ
have seen to the business of levying fighting men from the peasantry.
Where are they to march? North to Casterlay and the Jaren is the word on
most lips, to put down the bandits that have been causing such havoc within
the County and restore good order. Justice will be meted out upon the
killers of the late Count Amdair and all of their ilk.

Word has gone ahead, and notices posted up that the bandits are given
opportunity to surrender before the soldiers arrive; those that do will be
allowed to serve the armies along the Edessan-Daravi front. Those that no
not surrender are warned, that when they are caught, they will receive only
the mercy offered by blade and noose.

Rumors also fly about the palace that the Queen herself intends to lead the
soldiers into Casterlay.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Sartez Burns: Constable Begs Help (IC Quest) (Edited by Temi) (Edited by Temi)
Date : Sat Sep 10 01:45:15 2011
Expires : Wed Jun 4 18:45:52 2014
To : all
Sartez is burning, and its constable needs your help to find out who is
responsible! He's offering a reward if anyone can help him catch the

Citizens from Sartez have been evacuated to Lithmore and Wilhelm and it is
believed that the arsonist is among them. Constable Clayton suggests that
any helpful citizens question the evacuees and compare their stories to
determine where the fire started, who could have started it, and why.

For the meantime, the road to Sartez has been closed off due to a lack of


OOC Mechanisms:

7 mobs have been scattered throughout Lithmore and Wilhelm. You can get
their stories from them by saying in the room with them 'tell me about
yourself' and 'tell me about the Sartez fire'.

Once you have a guess, mail it to Temi with:
1. where in Sartez the fire started
2. who started the fire
3. their motive

You can submit up to three guesses over the course of the weekend. Anyone
who submits a guess will get QP. The first to determine the correct answer
will get the IC reward.

Treat it like a logic puzzle: based on the stories, eliminate different
possibilities, but look out for stories which couldn't possibly be true.

Temi - There's a map of Sartez up at the town hall, and Constable Clayton
has also ordered someone to provide refreshments there, figuring those
assisting might get tired wandering all over Lithmore.

Temi - Still another day to get this sorted out and no one has claimed the
win yet. Plenty of chance yet to earn the prize or some nice tasty QP.
To help you on your way, there are some rumors about of some places you
might find Sartezian refugees. See your local troubadour or gossip

[ #9 ]
A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Aftermath of the Sartez Fire
Date : Mon Sep 12 00:49:17 2011
Expires : Fri Jun 6 17:49:36 2014
To : all
Constable Lowell ab Clayton of Sartez once again addressed the city of
Lithmore on the morning of Augustus 26th. He thanked the city for their
assistance in discovering that Margery Tildman had set the tavern on fire
to kill her cheating husband, and the fire spread from there. The
constable's men discovered Mrs. Tildman's discarded ring near the tavern
with several emptied oil flasks, proving the suspicions, and Mrs. Tildman
was arrested and is expected to hang. It was reported that Cardinal
Zinadya Tartaryn herself provided the initial clues which led Clayton's men
to this discovery and that she will be provideed the reward from the
constable's own coffers.

In Sartez, the fire has been put out, and the rebuilding efforts begun.
Due to the extensive damage to the town, it is expected to be some time
before business is back to normal in Sartez. Those who are willing and
able-bodied are being recruited to return to Sartez and assist with the
rebuilding efforts, while others are being absorbed into Lithmore and the
surrounding areas, though there is still some of the additional strain on
Lithmore due to the influx of refugees, it is growing steadily less as they
find their own places.

Of greatest non-humanitarian concern to Lithmore is the hit to the metal
supplies of the city, for which the mines of Sartez were a main source.
However, the March of Gailiech has taken advantage of Sartez's misfortune
to step up their own shipments of ores and establish themselves as the
city's primary supplier. Ores from Gailiech can be acquired most directly
at an outpost west of the city. It is believed Sartez will be unable to do
anything to combat this balance in trading power until a significant amount
of infrastructure is rebuilt.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Eagle Flies Over Casterlay
Date : Mon Sep 12 02:14:38 2011
To : all
Like a vengeful storm, the soldiers of Lithmore fell upon the
hinterlands of Casterlay, led by the Queen herself. In every village and
hamlet that they came to, the local elders were summoned to present
themselves, and to give reports of bandit activity in the area. So it was,
that the royal soldiers, with the aid of local guides still loyal to their
late Count, fell upon the main camp of the bandits. The fighting was
bloody, with losses on both sides- but the numbers were telling, and the
Lithmorran forces emerged victorious at the end of the day.

The surviving bandits were dragged before the Queen, who stood in judgement
over them. To a man- and woman- their leaders were hung without question.
However, after seeing the deaths of their leaders and comrades, the rest
were given a simple option; to join them in death or to accept the royal
terms and face indentured servitude as soldiers to be sent to join the
Daravi front in Edessa. Some refused the offer, but most accepted, and are
even now being marched south under severe guard.

The campaign to root out the remainder of the brigands continues, with
squads of soldiers and Reeves departing to scour the countryside and the
dark places in the shadow of the Jaren.

The bulk of the Lithmorran soldiers, however, remain in Casterlay to
oversee the peace in the absence of local feudal rule.

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Preperations for the upcomming Tournament
Date : Sat Sep 17 11:40:57 2011
To : all
Signs have started to be posted on various lamp posts and tavern doors.
They read as the following -

To the people of Lithmore! In preparations for our upcoming tournament, to
be held in only a matter of a month's time, The Lord Chamberlain, Senred de
Arwade encourages all who are interested to send him mail with the names of
those who wish to be a participant so that the brackets may be filled by
the Earl Marshall. He also encourages all to attend, even if not
participating to show support for the entrants and brave men and woman who
will be displaying their skills.

[ #2 ]
A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: The Start of the Tournament!
Date : Tue Oct 4 03:16:49 2011
To : all
On the 19th of Novembris, the tournament that so many had waited for and
hoped for was finally kicked off by the Earl Marshall to the enjoyment of
those that decided to brave the snow storm that blanketed the city at the
time to see it. Situated on the North Road near the Old Estate the
tournament was opened by a friendly match between the Earl Marshall herself
and Sabin Guiscard of the Reeves with the Earl Marshall coming out the
victor whilst still being given a challenge by Master Guiscard.

A second match was formed by a unlikely pair, the Proconsul of the Reeves
Vivienne ab Braeten and the Poet Knight Madilaire op Decogan. The crowd
could only describe the fight as somewhat vicious initially before becoming
tempered by the injuries of both women before finally the Poet Knight was
defeated. Afterwards to the concern of many the Poet Knight was taken to
the hospital, but no word currently as to her condition. The Proconsul's
injuries were reportedly mild by comparison.

The tournament still continues... And the city waits to see whom will
brave the ring next.

[ #3 ]
A note has been posted by: Kinaed
In subject of: The Queen's Inn Reopens
Date : Tue Oct 4 09:06:48 2011
Expires : Sun Jun 29 02:06:58 2014
To : All
Victim of a storied past, the Queen's Inn, located just off of Park
Street has announced that it will be reopening. The new bartender,
Lysander, assures that this time, the tavern shall remain open... unlike
the previous five openings and subsequent closings over the last thirty

It is still owned by the same family, despite its history and the reduction
of their numbers. Though Lysander claims the business venture is nothing
aimed at nothing but profit, a few of Lithmore's more cynnical patrons have
been spreading gossip that his family is trying to get rid of another black

Regardless, this time the draw is supposed to be the tavern's history -
Tieghan Roe's favorite writing desk managed to survive the fire of 338, and
the front door, at least, remains in its classic keyhole shape. When asked
what made Lysander think that The Queen's Inn and Tavern could turn over a
profitable business, he replied, "Nostalgia for the loyal regulars, and the
only clean sheets in the whole city for travellers."

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A note has been posted by: A player
In subject of: Fwd: The tournament continues (Original author: Ariel)
Date : Mon Oct 10 03:45:41 2011
To : al all
Three more rounds of the tournament have resulted in some very
interesting fights, especially two involving the Tubori captain Remi

The Proconsul and the Justiciar met on the tournament grounds for a brief
and friendly battle, during which the Justiciar quickly defeated his young
subordinate despite her valiant attempts.

Somewhat less amiable and much more perplexing was the curious battle
between Grand Master Paere de Laerne and Captain Remi LeBou. The Captain
stunned all onlookers by putting up a very good fight, the battle close to
even. It could have still been anyone's fight when the Grand Master
stopped attacking. The Earl Marshall called a stop to the battle to
inquire why, the Grand Master stating that he didn't wish to win the fight.
Victory ceded to the Captain, the Grand Master left the field with the Earl
Marshall - perhaps to answer for his actions in private?

The Captain, all the talk of the town after his surprisingly able showing
on the field, was then challenged by the Justiciar. Another close fight
ensued, with the Captain initially getting the best of it but the Justiciar
able to bring it to a victorious end. Notably, he took a few puffs on his
pipe duing the battle as the two traded amiable but barbed banter.

It seems the tournament may be drawing to a close - no doubt the citizens
of Lithmore will miss all the action when it ends!

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Burning in the River Square
Date : Sat Oct 15 03:22:16 2011
Expires : Wed Jul 9 20:22:30 2014
To : all
Her Holiness Zinadya Tartaryn called the citizens of the city to the
River Square to witness a burning. All were instructed to bring items of
vice and sin with them, so that they might be destroyed.

With the assistance of the Grand Master of the Knights Lithmorran, she
threw many magical items onto a huge bonfire that took up the majority of
the square. Fantastical weapons and armor, glowing and humming with
tainted power, were destroyed. Grisly items, including skulls and bags
made of bone and flesh, were thrown into the fire as well.

The Cardinal made a speech, making it clear that some are trying to fool
the people of Lithmore into thinking that magery can be tempered or
mitigated. Realizing that not everyone here had been touched by the
tragedy of magery, she sought to educate the public in how taint corrupts
the soul. The items burned - weapons and armor, talismans of body parts,
and the like - were all examples of the way that magic has hurt and
continues to hurt the followers of the Lord, either through direct attack
or corrupting the bodies of those that have served the Lord.

Citizens were invited to throw their items on the fire and share their own
stories. During this time, Doctor le Cancid revealed that the hospital has
a renevant that they needed cleansed. When he and the Grand Master went to
fetch it, it was discovered as stolen.

Crowds were quickly redirected to the Cathedral for prayer while the
investigation into the missing renevant commences.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Rumor speaks of a new play at the Globe, given at short notice!
Date : Sat Oct 22 13:36:04 2011
Expires : Thu Jul 17 06:36:31 2014
To : all
A new play is to be held at the Globe theatre!

No pamphlets have been dispersed, no grand announcements made - the word is
spread by word of mouth alone. Little is known about what the play is
about, except that the colourful little girl-jester seems is spreading the
word to all she sees.

All seem to agree the play is coming on short notice, and curiosity has
driven many to want to see what the heck's going on.

(OOC: Play is due today - Saturday evening System time 21:00 GMT (4pm EST))

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Mayhem and Murder in the Blind Horse!
Date : Wed Oct 26 23:53:13 2011
Expires : Mon Jul 21 16:53:22 2014
To : all
It is no secret that business has been heavy around the Blind Horse, and
even more so in the newly emerged Tubortown just north of the southernmost
areas. Mostly the nights have been quiet, with an occasional bar brawl
here and there. Nothing the local law officials who brave those areas
could not handle.

But it was the incident in the wee hours of the morning of Eldes that has
caused several whispers and rumors to erupt like wildfire - rumors that
most would not enjoy discovering the truth of.

Florian Wildline frequently attended the Blind Horse, drinking himself into
a stupor and tantalizing the prostitutes who secretly work there. Rumors
speak of him one night becoming quite belligerent and uncooperative with
the Blind Horse's employees. It was then that he made a brass and bold
remark, speaking out against the fabled Tenebrae who has been believed not
to be in the seat of the elusive Brotherhood of Common Goods. But on this
night, those who disbelieved were given a rather clear-cut sign that the
Brotherhood still exists.

It is reported that the man defamed the secretive group, shouting, for
several hours. He was cut short, however, by a person garbed in a deathly
black cloak, one with a deep hood to prevent their face from being seen.
There are reports that the figure entered quietly and quickly, drew a
rusted dagger from within the cloak, and sliced a smiley face across the
throat of Florian, who immediately died of the wounds. The figure said
nothing to no one and dragged the fresh corpse from the establishment,
disappearing deep into the southern streets of Lithmore. The body of
Florian has not been reported being seen since the night of his death.

The Reeves have been called out in order to investigate the details of the
gruesome murder, and no details have been released as of yet regarding it.
There is one thing known by the general public, however: The Brotherhood

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Branding
Date : Sun Oct 30 01:08:35 2011
Expires : Thu Jul 24 18:08:40 2014
To : all
Lord Kaerrick de Winter, Squire of the Knights Lithmorran, was brought
out of the Tower during the early morning for an announcement on the status
of his review by the Holy Order of Dav. Cardinal Tartaryn made it clear
that de Winter was cleared of the greater charges of heresy, while guilty
of the lesser sins and vices of adultery and fornication outside of
marriage with the heretic Isobel Nettshiem.

The Cardinal warned that sins such as these will not be tolerated, even in
times of hardship, and further that no one was immune from the Lord's

Lord de Winter was summarily branded across the neck as punishment and
penance for his sins before being released.

Rumors have it that the Duchess of Farin was in attendance at the River
Square during the branding. It is also whispered that she fainted during
the punishment and had to be carried away by her retainers.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Advertisement: Architect and Orphanage Director Needed
Date : Tue Nov 1 00:11:36 2011
Expires : Sat Jul 26 17:11:41 2014
To : all
The Holy Order of Dav has a series of renovations in mind for Lithmore's
central orphanage There is a call for architects to design the new premises
and oversee its construction. If you are interested, contact Her Holiness
by post and you will be called in for interviews. Be sure to bring
examples of your work along with a reference letter with you.

Additionally, the Holy Order is looking for someone of freeman standing or
higher to take charge of the newly renovated orphanage and minister to the
orphaned youth of the city of Lithmore. If you have experience in
orphanages or with children, please write to Her Holiness to set up an
appointment for an interview. Once more, a reference letter will be

May the Lord bless these projects and swiftly provide for the orphans of
our fair city,
<stamped with a Holy Chalice and the seal of the Church>
Cardinal Zinadya Tartaryn

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Library Under Search
Date : Thu Nov 3 02:45:08 2011
Expires : Mon Jul 28 19:45:18 2014
To : all
The Knights Lithmorran appear to be raiding Lithmore's Central Library,
with vaults under the Eastern Archives being emptied. A steady stream of
Knights can be found there at all hours, guarding the passage to the vaults
and removing aged books to the care of the Keep and Order.

Librarians are unable to say why they have been raided and the Eastern
Archives are not currently open to the public.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Baron of Maides, Queen's Uncle, Missing!
Date : Thu Nov 3 03:16:50 2011
Expires : Mon Jul 28 20:16:59 2014
To : all
The Baron of Maides, Branlon ab Harmon, mysteriously disappeared from
his estate overnight. Apparently, the Baron - uncle to Queen Gemara ab
Harmon herself - retired as usual to his bedchamber around midnight. None
of the servants reported hearing a sound, nor was there any sign of foul
play when his valet came to awaken him in the morning: merely a window left
open and neither sight nor sign of the Baron's fate.

A Reeve investigation is underway, but with a total lack of evidence, the
chances for success look slim.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Priest ordained!
Date : Fri Nov 4 21:59:44 2011
Expires : Wed Jul 30 14:59:54 2014
To : all
The Holy Order of Dav has celebrated another round of ordinations,
welcoming Father Benedictus Piuso into the fold. Father Piuso has been
serving the cathedral as an acolyte for many months and, having progressed
in his religious study, is now taking to the pulpit. He is currently
residing in the cathedral rectory and can be found giving mass and taking
confessions at the grand cathedral.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: A burning
Date : Sun Nov 6 06:29:35 2011
Expires : Thu Jul 31 23:29:45 2014
To : all
Julian Guiscard was burned at the stake, charged with being tainted and
espousing heretical speech.

The burning started regularly enough, with the Cardinal herself presiding
over the ritual in River Square. However, things quickly deteriorated as
the intended screamed out to the crowd - including his brother, Sabin -
that he was not a mage and he was being cruelly treated for looking
different than everyone else. He tried to make a run for it and had to be
cut down by Templar ab Sevoi, who charged through the crowd to bloodily
silence him, but not completely through death, so that he might be burned
and purified before the Lord.

Over the course of the burning, it became clear that Guiscard's supposed
review as a child was not official nor done properly. Despite being
shouted at for support, Guardsman Guiscard did not offer his brother any
help or assistance in his effort to escape the Holy Order's assistance.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Daravi Battle Outcomes
Date : Sat Nov 12 05:55:55 2011
Expires : Wed Aug 6 22:56:13 2014
To : all
Word spreads like wildfire through the city: a messenger pigeon has
arrived at the keep from Fort Latago with dire news. The Daravi offensive
has mounted, escalating from ambushes and terrorizing the roads to all out
assault. A fortress in the northeastern Edessan desert, captured by the
Lithmorrans in the first year of attacks, was the target of a concentrated
Daravi attack.

A long bloody battle ensued with losses on both sides. The Lithmorran
effort was valiant, but, in the end, simply not enough to prevail against
the well coordinated Daravi onslaught. The Daravi retook the fortress,
capturing at least one Lithmorran in the reclaiming. A single sturdy
knight was able to escape and meet with the nearest detachment, providing a
first hand account of the loss. The recaptured fortress is not one of
Lithmore's most strategic or important holdings in Edessa, though still
significant, and many have begun to whisper worries that its loss might
herald a turning point in the Lithmorran's upper hand.

(Thanks to all who participated in the Daravi Battle Quest. I think most
had fun and it's something we'd like to do again - hopefully even better!
We called it with 3 Daravi and 1 Lithmorran left due to network problems,
duration and broken weapons abounding, so a special note of respect to the
person who played Shanley, who we didn't give the chance to prove her
theory that she could have have come back from 3 to 1 odds with no mvs
left. And of course, congrats to the Daravi team!)

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Sickness at the Palace! (Edited by Takta)
Date : Sat Nov 12 15:43:59 2011
Expires : Thu Aug 7 08:44:05 2014
To : all
Rumors of illness have been swirling around the palace of late, the
dreaded specter of plague occasionally mentioned by those more bold than
sensible. Over the last week, the queen's younger sister Llewella ab
Harmon, and her aunt, Margaive ab Harmon, have both been seen about court
with dark bruises marring their skin, coughing into their handkerchiefs.
Thankfully, Her Highness Gemara ab Harmon is currently out of the city on a
hunting expedition, far away from the risk of contagion.

Curiously, none of the royal family's attendants or courtiers seem to have
fallen ill except for those of ancient Lithmorran stock as well, perhaps
inspiring some of the darker tales whispered in corners. There are those
that say the royal apartments stink pervasively of blood, despite the
efforts of servants.

The illness comes on the heels of other bad news. Her Highness's uncle
Branlon ab Harmon remains mysteriously missing, the Reeves forced to admit
that their investigation has come to a dead end.

OOC Note: Anyone who has established their character as possessing any
blood tie to the ab Harmon line should contact staff with a Request board
note detailing their blood relation.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Inquisitor
Date : Mon Nov 14 22:45:17 2011
Expires : Sat Aug 9 15:45:28 2014
To : all
Inquisitor Romana von Mestan is joining the clergy of the Holy Order of
Dav in Lithmore's Great Cathedral. Inquisitor von Mestan has enjoyed
several years of service as an Inquisitor in Vandago. Prior to her taking
the red, she served as a priestess and in her prior life before entering
the clergy, as a trained and well-regarded doctor.

It is said that Inquisitor von Mestan was personally trained by Vandago's
renowned Bishop-Inquisitor Orveto and spent several years under their
tutelage. Rumor has it that she's already handling several cases and
mentoring priests seeking to take the red in the future.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Royal Family In Seclusion!
Date : Wed Nov 16 02:50:39 2011
Expires : Sun Aug 10 19:50:46 2014
To : all
After a dramatic incident in court today, the royal family has retired
into seclusion to heal from the terrible disease currently afflicting them.

Rumor says that in court today, Llewella ab Harmon - the Queen's little
sister - was talking with several courtiers when blood began to trickle
from her eyes. Slow at first, the trickle became a steady stream.
Llewella bravely claimed that she was fine, only to begin coughing
uncontrollably. More blood fell from her lips with each spasm, staining
her fine clothing. Unable to catch her breath, the princess collapsed in
an insensate swoon and was carried from court, leaving only a grisly red
mark behind on the marble floors.

Several hours later, a steward appeared and announced that Llewella and
Margaive ab Harmon, her aunt, will be passing the remainder of their
recovery behind closed doors.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Word from the Tower of a Death
Date : Thu Nov 17 00:31:37 2011
Expires : Mon Aug 11 17:32:36 2014
To : all
Several days have passed since a solemn procession emerged from Ahalin
Tower, led by Father Piuso and accompanied by the newly arrived Inquisitor
von Mestan. Following behind them came a cadre of guards, carrying between
them a board covered with a blood-soaked sheet. From the shape of it,
there could be no doubt that a body lay beneath it.

Word has been slow to emerge from that point at least for several days, but
it is seeping out now. The identity of the dead man is no other than
Rekath le Candicid, Lithmore's Royal Physician. Details are somewhat
scarce, but there is some talk about resistance to a penance, and the
guards slaying him as a result.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Marriage Ceremony and Reception, Open to All!
Date : Sat Nov 19 03:37:16 2011
Expires : Wed Aug 13 20:37:30 2014
To : all
The Proconsul Vivienne ab Braeten is to wed Reeve Sabin Guiscard in the
early morning hours of Maius 31st at the Cathedral of St. Aelwyn. All the
city's invited to share in the ceremony or the reception, to occur directly
afterward at the Queen's Inn and Tavern.

(OOC: Monday Nov 21st around 8:30 pm EST! Come one, come all!)

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Sickness Spreading Throughout the Kingdom!
Date : Tue Nov 22 19:51:33 2011
Expires : Sun Aug 17 17:51:57 2014
To : all
The dread sickness stalking Lithmore's courts has claimed some of its
first victims, taking them from a home already beset with tragedy. Branlon
ab Harmon's three children have all been found dead of the same malady that
has left Princess Llewella and Lady Margaive ab Harmon in seclusion. The
unfortunate little ones were laid to rest beside a plot kept in reserve for
their missing father, his fate still unknown.

Rumors are trickling in from other duchies that suggest the malady has
found its way across the kingdom. Duke Alucarde von Dusairus of Vandago
has been seen coughing blood into a handkerchief; Duke Auberon dul Vericus
of Vavard has sported the characteristic pattern of nearly black bruises on
his hands and face; Duchess Gillian le Vanse of Tubor reportedly vomited
blood while holding court.

So far, the common people of the duchies remain spared.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: The Queen Returns! (Edited by Takta) (Edited by Kinaed)
Date : Thu Nov 24 22:10:34 2011
Expires : Tue Aug 19 20:10:41 2014
To : all
The palace has released an official announcement of Her Majesty Gemara
ab Harmon's return to the city. The trip has been shrouded in secrecy, few
able to claim they witnessed the procession with their own eyes, but
renewed bustle in the royal apartments lends credence to the tale. As of
yet, no one seems to know if Her Majesty has been afflicted by what many
are calling the Harmon Plague, or if she remains healthy.

In more unfortunate news, the untimely death of Llewella ab Harmon has been
confirmed. The young princess was laid to rest in the palace's graveyard
in a small, private ceremony, accompanied by the weeping of those who knew
her well and adored her for her gentle soul.

The current state of Margaive ab Harmon, Her Majesty's aunt, is not known,
but her chamberlain has confirmed she is alive and being seen by the finest

Her Majesty has stated she will address the court in a few days' time to
discuss the problems currently plaguing the royal family.

(OOC: 11/26/2011, 5:30pm EST)

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Mass Arrests
Date : Fri Nov 25 14:14:06 2011
Expires : Wed Aug 20 12:14:19 2014
To : all
The Inquisitors of the Holy Order of Dav have instituted a series of
arrests throughout the city, and it appears no one is safe. Several
prominent individuals, most of whom appear to be from the Merchant and
Troubadour guilds, have been arrested. Rumors swirl around the cathedral
that the Rubeus Manus themself has been arrested and predict a series of
burnings to come.

The actual identities of those that have been arrested have not been
released and it appears that most acolytes and priests at the cathedral are
completely unaware of the investigations. After a spate of arrests a few
nights ago, a bloody body was quietly removed from the Tower and buried in
seclusion. It is rumored that it was the body of the Poet Knight, who has
been missing for some days, but this has yet to be confirmed.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Queen Gemara's Address
Date : Sat Nov 26 22:48:06 2011
Expires : Thu Aug 21 20:48:17 2014
To : all
June 19, 352 Queen Gemara ab Harmon gathered her court and palace to
address her court and people. Queen and attendants aimed to reassure the
populace and secure the succession, but it was not to be.

Despite careful attention, it quickly became evident that Gemara was among
those sick. She announced that the line of succession in her mother's will
could no longer be considered valid with the rash of deaths along the
Harmon line. Her aunt, the Princess Margaive would inherit, should Gemara

Margaive, however, was noticed not to be present, despite expectations
otherwise, and the Count Sevoi and an attendant of the Queen were sent to
the royal chambers to find her. Even as the pair were hurrying off,
Gemara's condition grew rapidly worse with the Queen vomiting blood and
toppling to the ground. She was in no condition to hear the reports that
Margaive was found dead and expired soon after.

As if to banish any doubts from the populace's mind that this might be some
natural disease, the Queen's pooling blood exploded into the image of a
phoenix before disintegrating away. This confirmed the culprit as the
Daravi to many, but did little to show the direction which the kingdom
should go without any living heir.

A shower of meteors rocked the palace at the last, sending all in
attendance into a panic, and many of the court retreated with Her Majesty's

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Caria Announces Candidacy for the Throne
Date : Wed Nov 30 23:03:33 2011
Expires : Mon Aug 25 21:03:52 2014
To : all
Across the city of Lithmore, criers have been pelting helter-skelter
through the streets carrying with them the news that the Earl Marshall and
Countess of Brune, Caria ab Trenica, has formally announced that she
intends to claim the throne left vacant by Her Majesty Queen Gemara ab
Harmon's death and the ending of the Harmon line.

The Earl Marshall's intentions were described as a long-standing
relationship with the Royal Family and a sacred trust to keep Lithmore safe
for them. Now that none of them remain, it would be a betrayal of that
trust to allow their works and legacy to be destroyed by a claimant that
has no sense of the responsibility of the throne and only an eye towards
it's power. And the Earl Marshall was also heard to say that she will not
wait for a pretender to create a link to the Harmon family as a claim on
the throne.

Also the news carries that the Earl Marshall has passed control of the
Knights Lithmorran to Grand Master Paere de Laerne while she seeks the

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Martial Law Declared (Edited by Takta)
Date : Wed Nov 30 22:35:23 2011
Expires : Mon Aug 25 20:35:32 2014
To : all
In the recent days with the death of Her Majesty Queen Gemara ab Harmon,
there has been chaos through the streets of Lithmore and beyond as the
Kingdom's officials try to determine what is next for the Crown. In the
wake of the chaos and apparent attempts by mage sympathizers to bring an
end to Inquisition burnings no one quite seems to know what misfortune will
strike next.

The Royal Council, now led by the Earl Marshall and Royal Seneschal, has
declared martial law throughout the Kingdom in an effort to contain the
discord caused by Her Majesty's death and the apparent end of the Harmon
line. Whether their efforts will be successful or only provoke more
rebellion from those kept down by the Lithmorran Crown is yet to be told.

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: A impromptu play at the Hollow Globe! (Edited by Takta)
Date : Fri Dec 2 13:50:42 2011
Expires : Wed Aug 27 11:51:07 2014
To : all
A play is to be held at the Globe theatre!

As has been common lately, there have been no grand announcements or
pamphlets spread around; rather the word is spread by word of mouth alone.
It's said the last one was quite appreciated though, and unusual in
involving the audience too.

The play is announced on short notice, but that seems typical to the way
the Jester does things.

(OOC: Play is tomorrow Saturday evening, time 21:00 GMT (4pm EST))

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: New Archbishop in Lithmore
Date : Sat Dec 3 21:23:22 2011
Expires : Thu Aug 28 19:23:31 2014
To : all
Earlier this month, a new Archbishop arrived in Lithmore city.
Archbishop Angold ab Dominicus seemed to immediately delve into duties
without so much as a day's rest, as he was seen entering and leaving Ahalin
tower from the day he was known to be in Lithmore. Within the first week,
the former Grand Magnate Elowyn Chance, a captive for a decent while before
his arrival, burned for both heresy and magery. She was nude as a penance
for her heresy, for which she was unrepentant. At the same time, Bard
Ariel op Owen was released, and the Archbishop claimed he was found guilty
of nothing but minor sins. He announced the bard would be serving penance
for these minor crimes, but there was no mention of what they were. During
the proceedings, a small mob formed, throwing rocks at the Archbishop and
decrying the Order, now that the Harmon line is dead.

Within half of a week of the two prisoners being handled, miss Maebel
Frazee was brought before the masses. It was announced that she was guilty
of associating with mages and taking them as lovers, much to the dismay of
the crowd. To the surprise of many, she was announced repentant and merely
branded for these extreme heresies, as well as given penance. Many
question this act, some even whispering of leniency to appease the mobs.
Others claim the Archbishop is incompetant, or too naive for the job. Only
a few claim to trust the Order in this decision.

Another half week, and two more prisoners were brought before the crowd,
the last known of a string of arrests made by the order made earlier in the
year. A man named Ricros dul Carter was announced as an unrepentant
heretic, in contrast to Miss Frazee, and was burned before the crowd. The
other, a teen named Arvin, was announced as the current leader of the Mages
in Lithmore. The Archbishop spoke of how magery and sin constantly tries
to find root in the land, but the Order will always be there to weed them
out, no matter how strong and untouchable they may seem.

With the Archbishop's flurry of activity since his arrival, some speculate
as to his goals in the city. Some even claim to have heard him in the
palace and Cathedral, speaking with the Seneschal and others about the
monarchy. Rumors already abound that this Archbishop has aspirations to
the throne himself, though he seems to repeatedly claim he supports the
Order's decision as to who best fits upon the throne. Traditionally, the
monarch rules both the Order and the Crown, and this is cited as his
reasoning. It's safe to say, however, that the Order won't likely stay out
of the Crown's issues for much longer.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Word of the State of the Other Duchies
Date : Sun Dec 4 18:14:18 2011
Expires : Fri Aug 29 16:15:12 2014
To : all
Even as chaos overtakes much of Lithmore in the wake of Queen Gemara's
death, news filters in that neither have the duchies been spared upheaval.
With many of the ducal lines sharing some Harmon lineage, they too suffered
from the so-called Harmon Plague, but even beyond that, they have felt the
uncertainty left in the wake of recent events.

In Tubor, the elderly Duchess Gillian le Vanse fell quickly to the brutal
sickness, passing on in Maius. However, the Council of Tubori Lords
refused to recognize her heir, the young adopted Nicki le Vanse, alleging
that she has not fulfilled the outlined conditions of her heirship, as she
has not married a Tubori lord. They have since devolved into bickering
amongst themselves as to who will succede the late Duchess.

Vandago lost its Duke to the illness as well, and only one of his two
remaining daughters survived. The one surviving daughter, Ianka von
Dusairus ab Harmon, widow to the late Prince Enakai and mother to deceased
Infant King Jaren, was also not expected to live, but somehow pulled
through after weeks at the cusp of death. She has claimed her father's
ducal title, but now faces revolts in numerous Vandagan cities, which she
has tried to put down through armed retaliation, even as she is still
herself in recovery.

In Vavard, Iolanda dul Acris used Duke Auberon dul Vericus's illness to
seize the duchy back for her son, Loran dul Acris, who was the only other
one sick in the Vavardi court. Iolanda claims that it was Auberon who was
behind the death of her husband, Auberon's brother, the late Duke Lorenzo
dul Acris, and that his ascent to power was beyond questionable in its
legitimacy. Both Auberon and Loran recovered, and the support of the
Vavardi nobles and merchant princes has been divided between the men, both
of whom claim the title of Duke for their own. Many speculate as to
whether it will come to armed conflict.

Farin has been perhaps the quietest of the duchies. Those near Daravi and
Edessa report an uneasy calm with a lull in even the usual Daravi attacks.
The calm before the storm, some are calling it, with the presumed Daravi
involvement in the Harmon Plague. New recruits have flocked to volunteer
at the border in preparation, while some have even uprooted their families
and headed north, citing the likelihood imminent invasion, with Lithmore

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A note has been posted by: Orfeo
In subject of: Economic Stress (Edited by Temi)
Date : Wed Sep 14 23:30:54 2011
Expires : Mon Jun 9 16:31:02 2014
To : all
Many displaced prospectors, picks and pans in hand, have been grumbling
around the city for lack of work. With the mines of Sartez being
inaccessible through the burned rubble, miners are left unemployed and the
ores firmly in their veins. Gailiech, in response, has increased the
prices of their ores considerably, giving metal workers throughout the
Duchy no choice but to raise their own, or suffer tremendous losses.

In spite of the difficult times facing the mineral market, a new Armory has
opened on Merchant Row and reportedly has a full inventory of standard
armors in a wide range of styles. Judging from their prices, the only
armored citizens will be homeless citizens. At this rate, it may be best
to use iron chamber pots in place of helmets.

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Week 1 Monarchy Quest - Summary
Date : Thu Dec 8 23:38:22 2011
Expires : Tue Sep 2 21:38:45 2014
To : all
With the flurry of people across the realm striving to win influence and
win over people to their causes, the talk is not only of the contenders
themselves, but of what the movers and shakers have done for people. Word
from Rosewood speaks of donated library books that even freemen may read.
Food and drink have been distributed across the southeast. Funding has
appeared for repairs of walls, a new church in the northeast. Mont Innes
reports a grand celebration. And some have even reported bribes being
passed in the west by less than the most upstanding of figures.

And talk of positions has been just as plentiful. Preachers on the streets
have addressed the immorality in their lands and a reminder of the role of
monarch as patriarch of the Order. Others focus on maintaining peace and
law. Some suggest that one should honor the Harmon line by continuing with
one someone who served it, while others say it is time for a change. And a
coalition aims to unite as many people behind them as possible to secure a
smooth transition to whichever contender they put their weight behind. And
some choose to favor those who hail from their lands out of loyalty and
fond memories.

In the end, most lands remain undeclared at this point, though large swaths
of land have begun to declare for one candidate or another. One thing is
certain: the crown is far from decided, and many begin to prepare for the
possibility of war to decide it.

(This summarizes some of the actions submitted as a part of influence
placements from this first week. Others may be found in rumors. We have
also awarded 5 QP to a few of those submissions which we found the most
Adventurous, Creative, or Historic, and we will continue to do so - so keep
that in mind!)

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Week 1 of Contention for the Throne (Edited by Temi)
Date : Tue Dec 6 01:16:11 2011
Expires : Sat Aug 30 23:16:39 2014
To : all
As several who would be interested in, or at least willing to, take the
throne have stepped forwards, the realm has launched into reluctant
activity, uncertain what to make of the situation. Letters are sent to
contacts in far-flung reaches, urging them to support the ascent of a
favorite candidate or to wait to give their preferences in hopes of
preferences from those winning them over. Gifts and favors are sent off to
win allegiance and several strong players emerge.

Each domain has begun to lean towards an influencer they most look to for
guidance, and for many, this includes declaring for a contender for the
throne, while others remain undeclared. (Listed in [])

Influencers are as follows:

Domain Who
A: Zadossa, March Franzorik ab Zadossa [undeclared]*
B: Dastur, March Franzorik ab Zadossa [undeclared]
C: Avonna, March Sinister Forces [undeclared]
D: Brayston, March Father Ryson Olsten [Angold]*
E: Sartez, County Franzorik ab Zadossa [undeclared]
F: Maides, Barony The Count of Endridge [split]
G: Endridge, County The Count of Endridge [Caria]*+
H: Perche, Barony Sinister Forces [undeclared]*
I: Gailiech, March Caria ab Trenica [Caria]
J: Asglen, Barony Marisa dul Damassande [undeclared]
K: Vees, County The Rosewood Troupe [Jonus]*+
L: Lyndale, Barony Marisa dul Damassande [undeclared]*
M: Savir, Barony The Fund to Place Baron Kovar as King [Jonus]
N: Awan Ride, County Lady Cellan dul Ansari [Cellan]*+
O: Irisum, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*
P: Brune, County Caria ab Trenica [Caria]*
Q: Mont Innes, County Lady Cellan dul Ansari [Cellan]*+
R: Volsuan, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*
S: Rosewood, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*
T: Elcaster, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*
U: Iglisrich, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*
V: Lundsend, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*
W: Seahome, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*+
X: Hamstone, Barony Persela-Orban Coalition [undeclared]*
Y: Eastgale, Barony Archbishop Angold ab Dominicus [Angold]*+
Z: Amhurst, County Archbishop Angold ab Dominicus [Angold]*+
1: Sunset, County The Heritage Building Society of Engineers and Architects [undeclared]*+
2: Lothos, County The Bluehawks [Tobin]*+
3: Casterlay, Barony The Heritage Building Society of Engineers and Architects [undeclared]*
4: Beresfield, County The Bluehawks [Tobin]*+
Farin, Duchy The Grand Master Paere de Laerne [Cellan]*+
Tubor, Duchy le'Argent Shipping Company [undeclared]*
Vandago, Duchy Cardinal of Vandago [Angold]*+
Vavard, Duchy le'Argent Shipping Company [undeclared]*

(Domains which have an active influence presence are marked with *,
while those marked with + have active influence for more than one
contender. Visualization available at:
http://ti-legacy.org/monarchy/lithmoreMap-week1.png )

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: The Earl Marshall withdraws her bid for Crown
Date : Sat Dec 10 02:10:36 2011
Expires : Thu Sep 4 00:10:41 2014
To : all
In a stunning declaration in Church Square, despite the protest of a
ally and supporter, Caria ab Trenica made it clear that she has given up
her claim on the throne of Lithmore and has withdrawn from the struggle for
it. Her words to those present were that she desires the Seneschal, Cellan
dul Ansari, as the next Queen of Lithmore.

Not too long afterwards, the Knights Lithmorran and many gossip mongers
were heard to report that the Earl Marshall has left Lithmore and departed
for her home in Brune. This has sent some measure of concern through the
entire city. What on Urth would make the Earl Marshall give up her claim
and leave Lithmore so suddenly and almost without warning?

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A note has been posted by: Takta
In subject of: Boat Party!
Date : Sat Dec 10 20:24:42 2011
Expires : Thu Sep 4 18:24:50 2014
To : all
Fliers have appeared in several locations about the core sections of the
city advertising a boat party open to the public on the deck of Luck's
Bounty. It is scheduled for the 17th of Octobres and is being thrown by
Myranda le'Argent and her shipping company.

(Will be starting around 19:00 system time on Sunday, December 11th.)

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A note has been posted by: Temi
In subject of: Week 2 - Contention for the Throne Narrative
Date : Wed Dec 14 02:55:15 2011
Expires : Mon Sep 8 00:55:42 2014
To : all
After Caria withdrew her bid for the crown, throwing her support behind
Cellan, things began to change quickly.

In the southeast, gifts and word of Cellan's virtues spread by the bards
found little in the way of other influence to contend with as the
Persela-Orban Coalition declared for Cellan, foundation already set in
previous days. Even where the coalition had no sway, the lands looked with
respect to the Grand Master, declared for Cellan as well, and his
preparations for the defense of Farin, should troubles be forthcoming from
Daravi. Though many in Farin were also heard speaking fondly of Angold's
plans for peace.

Vavard proved less unopposed, with gifts sent to the nobility and varied
talk amongst the traders, but, in the end, the most tongues seemed to
mention the good works of the Sisters of St. Celeste ascribed to Cellan.

In the west, those who had supported Caria or who had been split between
Caria and Cellan seemed to declare easily for Cellan, but more was afoot.
Traderoutes are plagued with bandits and several of the leaders in the area
were rumored to be unnecessarily trepidatious, and their servants whispered
of night terrors, and while some did not declare for anyone, Caria herself
led knights to her childhood home of Avonna to uproot any seeds of
corruption and sent mages scurrying. In Dastur, however, they had quite
another problem: envoys presented themselves from every contender, loudly
presenting the benefits of each to such a point the issue was horribly

The north, however, seems to have been chosen as the moment's great
battleground. On every other tongue is a different name and all seem to
have significant influence and fervent supporters. While the Grand Bard of
Tubor gathers the Tubori lords behind him proclaiming Cellan as the only
hope for peace, the Cardinal speaks on Angold's behalf, and the traders
murmur of Tobin, gifts and tokens in Cellan's name seem to meet a very warm
reception. In Vandago, conflict is rife. While the Cardinal stands behind
Angold and he receives much backing, it is met with a surreptitous rise in
sinful behaviors, as ale flows freely and brothels seem poised to be as
distracting as possible. And everywhere there seems to cases of surprising
corruption cropping up, important officials found with bribe money they
forcefully deny having, and so on. Amhurst as well seems to be another
strong point of contention, Anschel standing strongly in his home county,
and merchants speaking along the traderoads there and nearby on his behalf,
trouble from a contingent claiming allegiance to Angold have caused quite a
stir, lining people up and burning every tenth for supposedly supporting
Tobin - or being witches. Or being proved as witches for supporting Tobin.
The messages have been mixed, but the group has been as vocal as possible.
However, they did not remain tolerated long by those in control of

At the end of the month, Cellan enjoys wide support, but considering the
fierce outpouring of influence elsewhere, it is far from decided, and seems
unlikely to keep contained in the north.

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