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Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:43 am

Iorel says OOCly, "Omg do u not have Vlora's eyecolor in her desc?"
Vlora von Vashaak says OOCly, "Ya i do"
Vlora von Vashaak says OOCly, "Omg i don't"
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Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:58 am

"Suck it, bitch," is how Giles ab Leidsfried responds to that. "...just make sure my wife is in my cell." [Giles ab Leidsfried]

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[OOC] (Player): "I died."

[OOC] (Player): "But I'm still cyan??"

[OOC] Temi: "You're not dead.  You're in the OOC chat room"

[OOC] (Player): "HA"

[OOC] (Player): "Ok cool"

[OOC] Raspberries: "That would be a pretty crummy afterlife."

[OOC] Raspberries: "Doomed to hear the complaints and lamentations of players FOREVER. Oh crap, that's what it means to be a staffer isn't it?"

[OOC] Temi: "No comment."

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"Maybe it isn't too late to fake my own death and start dressing like a man. Mandick dul Gardner."

Marossa contemplating changing sexes.

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It is priced at approximately 5 silver.
This 'a wispy-curled emerald-eyed baby boy' is a kind of treasure.
It appears to be made of flesh.
It looks to be in excellent condition.
It weighs around 10 pounds.
It can be worn as follows: take hold
It could be reasonably held in both hands. (Actual size: 20)
Its value should be approximately 5 silver.

[Troubadours] Norrig: How come he's only worth 5 silver?

[Troubadours] Norrig: Theodora what are you feeding the baby?!

[Troubadours] Azarial: They're worth more when they can work.

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Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:51 pm

Arnault says to Marossa, "Y'pack bandages with dirt, right?"

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>story open 121

Kirill says OOCly, "Sorry, was bugnoting!"
Livia says OOCly, "No problem at all!"
Elysaveta says OOCly, "Now he can go back to impersonating a case."
Kirill says OOCly, "I do the *best* impersonation of a suitcase."
Livia says OOCly, "It's very convincing!"
Elysaveta says OOCly, "Kirill von Vuitton."

Entrance to Madison Hospital
  Two walls of this wide chamber close in to meet the descent of the high
ceiling in a grand horseshoe arch, dividing the space into two distinct
areas with a wide passageway between.  The forward space gleams brightly
under many hanging lamps which illuminate heavy urns planted with white
carnation bushes, placed at even intervals along the wall.  The other half
chamber serves as a waiting room, long benches fit with padded cushions
providing ample seating.  To break the monotony of whitewashed stone, a
woven carpet cuts a circle of color onto the floor, the holy chalice
encircled by crimson calligraphy declaring Dav's Law of Caring.

[ Exits: north  east  west ] [ Air exits: none ]
     A framed roster for the Royal Physicians is pinned to the wall. (center) 
     A fountain depicting a winged staff, in fine Vandagan stone remains embedded in the room's northern alcove. (northwestern corner) 
Livia Fioralba is here. [App: 3]
Elysaveta von Ruzicka is here. [App: 4]
Ezra Althos stands here, speaking with visitors. [App: 2]
  He is a member of story 121, A Specialist Visits Lithmore.
A small case, embossed with the winged staff, sits beside Ezra Althos's feet. [ST]

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"Oh, please, what you going to do with that, shoot me?" - Vasily, right before being shot in the thigh by the crossbow-wielding Prime Medicus.

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Kinaed states, "Katy Perry has a lot to answer for."

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A random passerby replies to a bit of gossip, "Killing Kieran was such a good business. ".

Overheard at the Altar just after Kieran ab Hawke's burial.

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