Trying to visualize TI clothing styles

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Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:44 pm

I'm new and I was trying to visualize the IC clothing styles of the various cultures here in the game world and in my search for a visual example of my newbie's "stock clothing" I found this video and wanted to know what other people thought of this interpretation of the clothing style!

Does this fit your view of a generic 'Vivardi Gentry' outfit?

<worn on head> a low hat, accented with embroidered trim and a large plume
<worn around neck> an elongated scarf embroidered with excessive stitch design
<worn over shoulder> a sizable linen satchel coated in layers of rich embroidery
<worn on arms> loose sleeves bloused over a ribbon, spiraling down the arm
<worn, left wrist> a sinuous copper-plate bracelet wrapping around the forearm
<worn on torso> an embroidered bodice cinching above a higher-necked blouse
<worn about body> a full-length cloak with both sides elaborately embroidered
<worn about waist> a deeply-dyed cloth sash suspending a drawstring coin purse
<worn on legs> excessive layers of cloth skirts tumbling down to the ankle
<worn on feet> a pair of over-decorated town shoes with big copper buckles

Do you guys have any better visual examples of other IC cultures' clothing styles?

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