(LOG) Isla and Penn's arrival

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Not long after arriving at Lithmore Port, Isla and Penn find themselves at
The Crow's Nest, the place they are to manage.

The Crow's Nest
[Chilly, smelling of wood and exotic foods]
Several time-worn, wooden tables occupy the majority of this room,
strategically placed around the sawdust-strewn floor to allow walking space
for even the most inebriated of patrons. A large bar, fashioned from black
walnut, runs the length of the western wall. Despite the dilapidated state
of most of the other pieces of furniture, care has been taken to keep the
bar polished and scratch free. Sturdy shelves line the wall behind the bar
displaying an ample supply of available liquor. A heavily stoked fire
blazes in the stone hearth centered on the eastern wall, adding its light
to the glow of several oil lamps held by iron sconces around the room.

(Not particularly full, there's still quite a buzz as patrons chat with each
other, with occasional outbursts of laughter or shouting. )

[ Exits: north east south west ][ Air exits: none ]
A warm, glowing fireplace embedded in the eastern wall. (eastern edge)
Isla is standing next to Penn. [App: 2]
Penn is here, inspecting the tavern and chatting with Isla. [App: 2]
Aden, a tanned, heavily tattooed man is standing behind the bar. [App: 3]

You can't be entirely certain, but out of the corner of your eye... you think
you may have spotted a rat darting across the floor.

"So this is it." Penn says uninspired. "I guess it has potential" he remarks.
Then, seeing a rat scurry out of the corner of his eye, he adds, "
We may need
to get a cat
." [Penn]

Isla smiles at Penn

Isla claims to Penn, "I always liked cats."

Penn says to Isla, "I hear they don't like them here in Lithmore. Say they're
witches familiars or somesuch

Isla declares to Penn, "What nonsense! Nothing better for getting rid of rats!"

Isla shakes her head.

Penn nods in agreement with Isla. "It would explain why this city seems so
." he replies, throwing his arms in the air theatrically. "And they call
-us- backwards

Isla sighs. "So what do these Lithmorrans do to get rid of rats? Or do they
just let them do what they please

Penn replies, "I hear just rhyming, as it says in the Erra Pater." he says, not
entirely convinced of the practice.

Isla laughs incredulously. She says, "I hope those rats appreciate sea
," and winks.

"So what now, Isla?" Penn asks, seeming unsure what to do now that he's
actually here.

Isla questions to Penn, "Shall we get to know some of our employees?"

"Okay." Penn says, putting on a serious expression. "Let's inspect the crew."

Penn glances at Aden.

Standing just below six feet, heavily muscled and tanned, this man's skin is
made even darker by the thick black tribal tattoos that boldly mark his cheeks
and the sides of his neck before disappearing beneath his clothing. Similar
markings line his hands, where one in particular draws the eye; a long
tattooed viper winds its way around his left forearm, with blood-red fangs
poised just above the man's wrist as if awaiting the opportunity to strike.
Eyes so brown as to be almost black themselves remain keenly alert and his
jet-black hair falls to shoulder-length, clean and well-kept though by no
stretch of the imagination feminine. Two small braids fall to either side of
his face, bleached a stark white in contrast to the rest, and sharpened shards
of bleached bone pierce through both earlobes.
You are about the same height.

Seemingly intimidated, Penn leaves Isla to do the talking, hanging back and
trying to puff himself up a little.

Isla approaches Aden.

Isla says to Aden, "Greetings."

Aden looks up, studying Isla for a moment. "Yeah? What do you want?" he says,
stacking glasses.

Isla smiles politely. "Have you been informed about us" she says, gesturing to
herself and Penn.

Aden looks at the two of them, scratching his tattooed face. "I don't know.
Whoere you
?" he slurs. [Penn]

Isla smiles wider and says, "We are the new tavern keepers. My name is Isla,
and this is my little brother Penn
." She pats her brother on the shoulder.

"Yerr shittin me." Aden replies, shaking his head. mumbling something to
himself. "
Okay. Yah. I hearda yah. What do you want?" he repeats his first

Isla tosses her hair nervously and straightens her shoulders. "Well, um, first,
how long have you worked here? What have your duties been

Aden shrugs. "Couple-a years. I pour the drinks. Throw out the troublemakers.
That kinda thing
." he says, not too focused on Isla as he continues working
behind the bar.

Isla nods her head. "What can you tell me about how the bar has been run? What
the names of the other workers are and what their duties are

Aden shrugs noncommittally. "
People come in, they ask for beer, I pour it." he
says sardonically. "
That's Jenne over there in the kitchen. She cooks the
slop. House bard is Orodreth over there near the stage. Ask them shit. I'm
." he says, as he pours a drink for a man at the bar. [Penn]

Isla tries to hide her irritation and says curtly, "Well, thank you then." She
turns and peers into the kitchen to look for Jenne.

"Whatever." Aden mutters, as Isla and Penn head towards the kitchen.

Penn says to Isla, "Well, quite the face of the tavern. Don't guess he's paid
for his bedside manner

Isla ignores Aden's comment. She looks into the kitchen and calls, "Hello?"

"Yeah?" someone faintly yells from the east room. [Penn]

Isla walks into the kitchen, Penn following behind her.

The Crow's Nest Kitchen
[Warm, smelling of wood and exotic foods]
The kitchen is well lit by day with a long, tall and narrow window,
which runs along the outside wall, with a wispy linen curtain over it. By
night there is the light of the stove and the oven, which sit against the
northern wall. The rest of the room is in a kind of organised disorder:
cutlery, equipment, plates, sit on top of the table and the top surface of
the cupboards. Though disordered, the utensils are still quite clean. In
the southern corners of the room sit casks and jugs, covered here and there
by old, stained linen. In the middle of all this sits a table and chairs,
mostly untouched by the mess, with some space cleared around them.

[ Exits: east west ][ Air exits: none ]
A simple scrapwood table with carved legs is here. (eastern edge)
A dark iron wood-burning stove serves to warm the room. (northern edge)
Isla is standing beside Penn. [App: 2]
Penn is here, looking quite taken by Jenne. [App: 2]
Jenne, a stout young woman with braided hair watches over the kitchen. [App:

Penn glances at Jenne.

This young woman's tanned skin tones mark her as a Tubori. A long,
straight nose, just kissed with freckles, high cheekbones that sport the
faintest hint of a blush, and soft, rose-hued lips mark the majority of her
face, but those go almost unnoticed beneath striking, near-black,
almond-shaped eyes, fringed with long, heavy lashes. An intricate hair
arrangement of curls and braids, all fastened together and held in place by
a carved ebony comb, artfully frames her features.
She is taller than Penn by two hands.

Looking quite taken, Penn lets Isla do the talking, hanging back and trying
not to stare.

Isla approaches Jenne. "My name is Isla, and this is my brother Penn. We are
the new tavern keepers. Nice to meet you

Jenne drops a stirring spoon on the floor, turning to Isla and Penn. She
exlaims, "
OHMYGOSH! You're Isla and Penn?", running up to shake their hands

Isla feels her cheeks burn and flustered, smiles awkwardly and shakes Jenne's
hand. "
Nice to...meet you! Um, it's nice to see not everyone here is as gruff
as Aden

Jenne beams at the two, as a pot overboils behind her, forgotten. "SO NICE TO
!" she exclaims. "Aden, is ah, um. He's a barkeep." she says. [Penn]

Isla shrugs. "Indeed he is. So, Jenne, how long have you been a cook?"

"About 2 months now! I really need this job! I'll get better! I promise!" Jenne
says quickly, jumping to conclusions.

Isla sensing her discomfort, rushes to console her, "I'm sure you're an
excellent cook. Perfect for the tavern's needs
." She glances to the side at

(Mixed smells fill the room- spicy fragrances with the acrid smell of burnt

Penn is just staring stupidly at Jenne, blushing slighly while mumbling "Ah.
Um. Ah

Isla hides a smile and turns back to Jenne. "We're glad to have you! What can
you tell us about Orodreth

Jenne starts bawling, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" after a moment, she wipes her face on a
towel, replying "
Oh, Orodreth? I think he plays pretty swell. I can't hear too
well from the kitchen though
." She whispers, accusatorially "He sneaks food
." [Penn]

Isla whispers back, "I see." Looks at Penn, "I think we'll have to speak to
Orodreth soon then, if there's nothing you'd like to say to Jenne before
?" She smiles knowingly.

Penn says to Jenne, "Ah, um, ah. I look forward to cooking you. with you.
Cooking with you

Isla smiles mischievously. "I'm sure he does."

Jenne smiles at the two of them, winking at Penn. Sniffing, she turns around to
see smoke pouring out of a pot "

Isla and Penn leave the kicthen, to let Jenne get back to her duties. They
decide to find an inn for the night and come back the next day.
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Hello! Old player here, coming back after many many moons, and I brought a friend new to RP! If you see us on, come by and join us! We'll have kind of odd hours unfortunately. :(

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Thanks for sharing your logs!

If you want to manage a tavern, etc, please Request Board staff so we can add you to the roster as the official, game-recognized managers? Thanks!

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Kinaed wrote:Thanks for sharing your logs!
If you want to manage a tavern, etc, please Request Board staff so we can add you to the roster as the official, game-recognized managers? Thanks!
We did, and were approved prior to starting!

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Thanks for sharing. Love NPC-inclusive RP =)

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