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(As referenced in help sandwich and a certain quit quote about avoiding bad sandwiches.)

The year is 2005 (IRL) and 297 (IC). The Chapterhouse of Urthly Saints, a fledgling mage organization devoted to hunting down demonists, is searching for new members. Their leader, Lucius d'Morr, is a Prefect in the Reeves, by far the most skilled witch among them. His apprentice, Akhynan von Iskalin, is a louche gentry bard (and therefore obviously me in this scenario), who Lucius was unable to awaken on his own. Lucius and Akhynan's friend and partner in the Chapterhouse, Danni, has found a new mage in this fellow named Drastor. Lucius wishes to introduce Akhynan and Drastor to each other as mages - and to demonstrate his power to Drastor in the process. One spell later, Drastor's convinced he's talking to Dav and the Lord of the Springs themselves...

NOTE: This is a TI:2 log. As such, you'll see "You" instead of Akhynan when I was targeted.


A Reeve Office
A maplewood desk is placed in the center of this room, behind which is a
high-backed armchair. Several bookcases line the walls, containing legal
and historical texts. Some of these books have been taken out of the
shelves and are piled or opened on a table. At one corner is a low table
flanked by matching chairs.

[ Exits: -west- ]

The western door is opened from the other side.
Lucius arrives from the west.
Lucius slows to a halt.

Drastor arrives from the west.
Drastor slows to a halt.

Lucius closes the western door.
Lucius locks the western door.

Akhynan looks up from his lute with a winsome smile and a light wave.

Drastor dips his head to you.

Lucius states, 'Good. Drastor, Akhy.'

You say to Drastor, 'So pleased to meet you once more.'

Drastor says to you, 'Likewise I'm sure.'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'Akhynan is another of us.'

Lucius claims to Drastor, 'I've spoken to him of you already.'

Drastor nods, 'I had guessed perhaps that might be the case.'

You question to Drastor, 'You suspected me, hmm?'

Drastor says to you, 'Only after you were gone so long.'

You query of Drastor, 'Gone so long just now?'

Drastor nods, 'That is, unless you were his lover.'

Lucius rolls his eyes.

Drastor smirks.

Akhynan laughs quietly.

You query of Lucius, 'What do you say, Luc?'

You wink.

Lucius looks at you with a strange, crooked frown.

Akhynan coughs lightly. 'Right. Anyway. Nice to welcome you in, Drastor.'

Drastor claims to you, 'And nice to be welcomed as well.'

Lucius wonders to Drastor, 'How is the process of awakening?'

Drastor claims to Lucius, 'Painful and unsuccessful. *'

Akhynan murmurs wryly, 'Oh, how familiar, that.'

Lucius says, 'Hmm. Perhaps when Danni comes about he can help you.'

You wonder to Lucius, 'Was it you or Danni who did it for him?'

Drastor questions to Lucius, 'Oh?'

Lucius claims to you, 'Danni did.'

Lucius states, 'Since my last attempt was so.. unsuccessful. *'

You state to Lucius, 'I know it'll work, next time.'

Lucius says, 'Perhaps. Danni should do just fine.'

Akhynan nods lightly.

Lucius says to Drastor, 'He'll strengthen his control over you, and in doing so, make the process much easier. Help you relax your willpower.'

Drastor questions to Lucius, 'Mm. Mind if I sit, or will the chair change into something large and menacing?'

You state to Drastor, 'Luc's a good guy, don't let all his scowling fool you.'

Lucius says, 'Go ahead. If it does, I'll be rather shocked.'

You wink.

Drastor takes a seat, which doesn't in turn take him.

You claim, '..I hope no one -else- is wondering why I've been here so long, now.'

Akhynan frowns, slightly, his brow furrowing.

Drastor claims to you, 'The Poet Knight was looking for you.'

You claim, 'Oh, damnation.'

Drastor says to you, 'But I think she vanished back to the Theatre, anyway.'

Lucius says to you, 'Messengers will be received if they're sent. Just tell her I was speaking about payment of Ylestediar's fines. *'

You claim to Lucius, 'Speaking of that, I -do- have them.'

Lucius states to you, 'They've already been paid. Don't worry about the fines. Keep him as long as you like.'

You say to Lucius, '...thanks, Luc.'

Lucius says, 'Don't mention it. Really, don't'

Lucius states to you, 'Make good use of your manslave.'

Akhynan flushes darkly, folding his arms over his chest.

Drastor regards the two, 'Do I truly want to ask who Ylestediar is?'

You trail off, 'You make it sound...'

You say to Drastor, 'Just a gypsy who got in some trouble.'

Lucius states to you, 'Oh? Sorry.'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'He got in a bit of trouble with the law. Now he's working for Akhy, who paid his debts.'

Drastor asks of Lucius, 'Oh, fun. Remind me again not to make you angry?'

Lucius smirks at Drastor.

You trail off to Drastor, 'Hey, I treat my servants well...'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'Don't worry. I wouldn't sell -you- into slavery. Well, it would take an awful lot.'

You claim, ''s not a bad job, anyway.'

Drastor asks of you, 'Is that so?'

You claim to Drastor, 'Yeah, I've only given him one order, and that was for him to try and behave in society.'

Drastor claims to you, 'What a waste.'

You blink at Drastor.

You state to Drastor, 'Well, I don't exactly have any tasks I need servants for. If you need one, I'll let you borrow him to build a fence, or something.'

Lucius claims to Drastor, 'Akhy's far too nice to abuse the gypsy.'

Drastor claims to you, 'Mm. Yes, I find servants make life more difficult than easy.'

Akhynan mutters to himself, 'I don't even have anywhere to -put- him.'

Drastor wonders to you, 'Your room, maybe?'

Lucius stares blankly at you.

Lucius frowns at Drastor.

You claim to Drastor, 'Well... he's living in a treehouse... and I feel bad about that, but my room isn't large.'

Drastor asks of you, 'You could put him under the bed?'

You state to Drastor, 'He's sort of a big gypsy. Skinny, but I doubt he'd fit.'

Lucius groans quietly, mostly to himself.

You blink at Lucius.

Drastor says to you, 'Ah. If there was a place in the city to actually buy decent rooms left, I'd let him stay in mine.'

Akhynan scratches at his temple thoughtfully, musing, 'That'd be really nice of you... you wouldn't mind?'

Drastor claims to you, 'Well. I'm stuck in the almshouse.'

Lucius says, 'Good luck getting him to sleep indoors.'

Lucius claims, 'He's something of a free spirit. I'm sure he'd rather throw a blanket on the ground at the Park than sleep in an enclosed space.'

You declaim, 'He'll -freeze- in this weather and catch his death!'

Drastor states to you, 'Well ... solves the housing issue anyway.'

Lucius says, 'The weather isn't actually too bad, now.'

Lucius states, 'Getting much warmer.'

Lucius says, 'Just a bit rainy.'

You state, 'It still rains constantly, though.'

Lucius claims, 'Hmm, yes.'

You ask of Lucius, 'You can't make it stop raining, can you?'

Lucius states to you, '...No, not really. Maybe soon.'

You muse to Lucius, '...really?'

Lucius claims, 'Yes, really. I'm quite close to a great leap in power. More impressive than the trifles I'm capable of at this time.'

You wonder, '...trifles?'

Akhynan runs a hand through his hair, paling slightly.

Lucius claims, 'Well, yes.'

Lucius claims, 'Quite ineffective compared to what I'll be capable of, soon. *'

Lucius claims, 'It should be truly interesting to see what happens.'

Drastor wonders to Lucius, 'How powerful -are- you, anyway?'

You claim to Lucius, 'Maybe you'll be able to awaken a little better, too.'

You wink.

Lucius grins at you.

Lucius claims to you, 'One might only hope.'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'How... hm.'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'One might say I'm about as powerful a mage as most might ever hope to become. Yet, still nothing compared to the sorcerers of legend.'

You muse to Lucius, 'So you're... great for an ordinary mage, but still an ordinary mage?'

Lucius claims to you, 'For now, yes.'

Drastor muses to Lucius, 'A tad ambitious?'

Akhynan nods slowly, thoughtfully.

Lucius trails off to you, 'Soon, I'll be a bit more than that. Very soon...'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'It's well within my grasp, now... not too ambitious.'

Akhynan considers Lucius, thoughtfully. 'Is Danni as powerful as you?'

Lucius states to you, 'No, no... he's different.'

Drastor states to Lucius, 'The makeup gave me my first suspicion.'

Lucius says to you, 'He isn't nearly as experienced as I am. However, some of his spells have more... distinct effects. *'

Lucius grins at Drastor.

Akhynan blinks at Drastor, then snickers, despite himself.

Lucius states to Drastor, 'Not different in -that- way.'

Drastor states to Lucius, 'In- bah.'

You question, 'Why -does- he wear that makeup, anyway?'

You state, 'I mean, I sort of wondered..'

remember desc danni
Description of Danni:
Thin and healthy, this man stands at about six feet in height, of a
slight-to-medium build. Although his lean form displays the telltale signs
of use and abuse--fine muscle definition, graceful poise, a light golden
tan, and a plentitude of thin scars along the backs of the arms--"muscular"
would not be a proper term to describe him. Rather, he has a wiry quality
about him thin and stringy, but always postured in a perpetually relaxed
slouch. His dark brown curly hair is cut to about a half-foot in length and
falls about his face haphazardly in thick ringlets, loosely framing a long,
sharp-featured and vaguely unshaven visage, complete with a sharp, defined
jaw, a minutely upward-sloped nose, and high cheekbones which are raked with
a collection of thin scars. His moss-green eyes have a gentle observing
quality to them, and the surrounding lids have been stained with a sort of
black cosmetic to reduce sun-glare.
This is OOC in nature: Use what you feel your character would recall about this description.

Lucius states to you, 'I've never asked. I prefer to leave him to his own... ahem... interests.'

You nod sagely.

Lucius clears his throat loudly.

Lucius questions to Drastor, 'Perhaps you'd like an example of some of my... skills?'

Drastor muses to Lucius, 'So, was I brought here only to meet Akhy, or?'

You say to Lucius, 'Oh, show off, Luc, g'on.'

Lucius chuckles quietly.

Drastor nods agreement.

Lucius breathes in deeply and begins a strange ritual.
Lucius starts to dance, carefully and slowly placing his feet.

Lucius stops dancing, having made one complete rotation.
Lucius seems to be trying to remember something.

Lucius flinches slightly and looks sad for a moment.

Lucius appears to be writing in the air with his finger.

A strange symbol flashes black in the air in front of Lucius.
Lucius relaxes as the ethereal forces are finally constrained.

Lucius smiles slightly.

Lucius grins at Drastor crookedly, his expression quite mischievous. Malicious, even.

You question to Lucius, 'What are you going to do?'

Drastor glances behind him momentarily, as if to make absolutely sure he's the target of the gaze, then gulps dramatically.

Lucius states to you, 'You'll remember.'

Akhynan winces slightly.

You state, 'Oh. I didn't like this.'

Lucius claims to you, 'Oh, come now. It was amusing.'

You pontificate to Lucius, 'I was about to die of fright!'

Lucius claims to you, 'Bah. Well, he's prepared.'

Lucius queries of Drastor, 'Aren't you, now?'

Drastor asks of Lucius, '.. Am I?'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'We'll see.'

Drastor blinks in surprise and drops to his knees.

Drastor turns to you, face pale, in supplication.

You blink at Drastor.

You query, 'Drastor..?'

Drastor pontificates to you, 'Yes, Lord? What do you wish of me?!'

Lucius casts a knowing smirk in your direction.

Lucius asks of you, 'Yes, Dear Lord, what do you wish of him?'

Akhynan actually giggles, unable to help it.

You trail off, 'You -didn't-...'

Lucius says to you, 'Of course I did.'

Drastor glances from Dav to the Lord of the Springs repeatedly.

Akhynan clears his throat, voice growing stern.

You state to Drastor, 'My child, do not fear.'

Drastor queries of you, 'Am .. am I dead?'

You say to Drastor, 'No, no. The little mage did not slay you. He merely gave you a glimpse of the world beyond.'

Drastor queries of you, 'Am I damned, as they say?'

Lucius shakes his head quickly at you.

You claim to Drastor, 'Of course not.'

You claim to Drastor, 'The only damned ones are the ones who give their souls up to demons.'

Drastor declares to you, 'Oh, thank... well, thank You, I suppose!'

Drastor grins broadly, 'I was almost worried about that.'

Lucius nods sternly at Drastor.

Akhynan intones deeply, 'Do not worry.'

Lucius says to Drastor, 'Indeed, the only Damned or those of the witches who follow the demonic forces.'

Lucius says to Drastor, 'You, My Child, are saved.'

Drastor asks of Lucius, 'Then .. why did you try to kill -all- of them?'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'I... ehm.'

Lucius scratches his head, frowning slightly.

Drastor tilts his head.

You say to Drastor, 'He was misled.'

Lucius states to Drastor, 'I had a bad sandwich. You should always avoid bad sandwiches. They can make you do the oddest things.'

You claim to Drastor, 'I set him straight, you can bet.'

Lucius corrects hastily, 'Of course. Misled with a bad sandwich.'

You claim to Drastor, 'Soon as he got up to Heaven I gave him a good whipping and he forgot all about that sandwich.'

Lucius claims, 'An -evil- sandwich.'

You claim, 'Purged that sandwich clear from his sandwich-confused soul. *'

Drastor questions to you, 'So, to what purpose have I been summoned here?'

You say to Drastor, 'To know that you should always obey and respect your fellow mages.'

You say to Drastor, 'Except the demonists, those you kill.'

Drastor nods as if brainwashed, 'Right. Those, kill. Demons are bad.'

Lucius claims to Drastor, 'Correct.'

Drastor asks of Lucius and you, 'Where are the Demon-mages, that I might kill them?'

Lucius claims to Drastor, 'They are among you. It is your job to seek them out. The magelings that have awakened you will help, of course. They are entrusted with

the same burden.'

Drastor states to Lucius, 'I see.'

You say to Drastor, 'It is a holy cause.'

Akhynan nods rather portentiously, ignoring the dark hair that falls into his eyes.

Lucius nods solemnly.

Drastor states to you, 'I fear I am unsuited to it, but if you have chosen me I will do my best.'

You say to Drastor, 'You'll do fine, kid.'

Lucius says, 'Simply do your-- best.'

You say to Drastor, 'And don't piss off the one named Lucius. He's pretty scary.'

Drastor claims to Lucius, 'Of course, my liege.'

Drastor questions to you, 'Oh, truly?'

Drastor claims to you, 'I thought he was faking it.'

Drastor hmms thoughtfully.

You say to Drastor, 'Truly. I tell you, he sure likes to throw his fits.'

You claim to Drastor, '...but don't tell him I said so.'

Drastor states to you, 'I'll .. perhaps try to keep him away from sandwiches, then.'

You claim to Drastor, 'Yes. If you see Lucius with a sandwich... stop him immediately.'

Drastor sneezes loudly.

You state to Drastor, 'And next time you see Danni, do ask him about that makeup. I'm omniscient, but I want to see his reaction.'

Lucius glares at Drastor.

Drastor smirks at the Lord.

Drastor states to Lucius, 'Well, I must say, you with a sandwich is worse, but he could be bad as well.'

Akhynan waves a finger at Drastor. 'Don't you smirk at me, boy. I know what you think about at night.'

Lucius says to Drastor, 'Indeed. Beware the sandwiches.'

Lucius's face reddens slightly as he casts a sidelong glance at you.

Drastor blushes furiously at the Lord.

You claim to Drastor, 'I'd tell you to go to confession, but my poor priests don't deserve that.'

Drastor claims to you, 'I .. repent for those thoughts about Akhynan, while I'm here.'

Drastor continues to blush.

Akhynan stares at Drastor. Blankly.

Lucius says to Drastor, 'A-as... as you sh-should.'

You state, '..Um. Yes. Repent.'

Drastor nods enthusiastically.

You trail off, '...repent a lot...'

You state, 'Cause, uh, repenting is good.'

Drastor's blush finally fades, and he simply nods.

Akhynan hisses to Lucius, out of the corner of his mouth- cheeks now deep red- 'How long does this take to wear off?'

Lucius claims tonelessly, 'Repenting is what... good... um.'

Lucius turns to whisper quietly back, 'Until I reverse it myself.'

Lucius whispers urgently, 'Tell him to go to sleep!'

You pontificate to Drastor, '...uh. You should sleep now!'

You claim, 'To, um. Cement the process of. Repenting.'

Drastor moves to the bed, and sprawls out haphazard, eyes closing.

Drastor goes to sleep.

Lucius emits a relieved sigh.

You say, '...ohmy.'

Lucius waves a hand above Drastor's inert form.

A shimmering yet ethereal wave of energy seems to coalesce about Drastor's form for an instant. [Lucius]

Akhynan offers Lucius a cheerful smile. 'Let's never talk of this again, mmm?'

Lucius says to you, 'Let's not.'


Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:44 pm

Oh my god I laughed so hard. I'm never going to look at a sandwich the same way again. Brilliant.

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......repent a lot, silrie..... I loved it!
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Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:06 am

Noobus wrote:......repent a lot, silrie..... I loved it!
Nevva! I am completely unrepentent. *leers at Akhynan*

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