A More Accurate Ariel

Post logs, pictures, poetry and more. (Please request the permission of others before posting logs about their characters. Thank you!)
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Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:44 am

So, Ariel recently put up a character pic in his title. Seeing a few ways the picture didn't accurately reflect his IC description and being the philanthropic artist that I am, I gladly stepped in to help. Note the presence of multiple scars as I tried to capture him in an emotive pose showing off his windbaggedry.


After receiving a bevy of initial critiques — all of it positive, mind you — I chose to do something I rarely do: revisit a masterpiece to improve upon it. As taken from some of Ariel's closest OOC channel friends and personal tells, I delved deeper into photorealism to include a swarthier complexion, awkward bromance, dramatic emotion, and 'more menacing facial hair'. Also dickbutt. And horns, though I'm not entirely clear on the reason except for the ways he wishes he could be Daniel Radcliffe.


I do hope everyone can enjoy A More Accurate Ariel. ^_^
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Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:15 am



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What the Dragon is hiding from you is her true motive for this defacement: trying to pretend she's not madly in love with Ariel's beautiful face

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