A Journey

The seas were not as forgiving as I would have hoped when I jumped on that ship to come to Lithmore from Vavard. I wretched over the side of that ship half of every day while upon the waters. I didn’t have much sickness anymore, after the first few months of the pregnancy, just sadness. I needed away from Veronica, Aunt Veronica. My will was as strong as hers and with our strong personalities we clashed.. repeatedly. In the end, however, she got the training into me which she wanted. Groomed me how she wanted.. I know what is expected of me now and that is what counts. I had too much freedom before coming under her teachings and it has been rectified.

People must be kept at an arm’s length. Minimum. They seek to create nothing but pain.. nothing but hurt. I have experienced more than enough of both in my short life, but I do not think I can keep them at a distance from me. I love people..

Time to get on the carriage, head into the duchy further now. I can’t ride a horse myself, and it wouldn’t be the ‘style’ which Veronica would see me into the city at any rate. Travelling by personal carriage with a small entourage is more of what she would expect, and it will keep the heavily pregnant me safer.


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